Women Who Date the Clasic Bad Boy, Pinocchio! (Part Two)

Women Who Date the Clasic Bad Boy, Pinocchio! (Part Two)

Part Two: Why the Parole Officer does not want you to go back to the same hood?

How many times do these youths just find themselves just being around the wrong people and find themselves in trouble. To only find that society turns a death ear and the courts are no better than him. Just monkeys in wigs.

But on a great celebration, all the thieves are released from jail. Sometimes the real thieves who steal by suitcase and not a gone are rewarded. The world seems to be a contradiction to these youths. Always projecting their faults on others. So pinocchio says to the guard he is a thief in addition and is freed. What the fairy wished him not to do, frees him in the end.

The horse has no udders and the cow does not whiny but up is down and sideways is straight ahead.

Upon his release he promises once more to do his best to change is ways. But on the way back to the Fairies house, he is halted by a snake across his path.

The snake is the symbol on the death card in the Tarot. It is turn a new leaf, shedding your skin to a new life. Upon his attempts to walk a new path the snake busts a vein laughing and dies. So pitiful is the truth in Pinocchio’s attempt to change.

On his way back he gets hungry and tries to steal some grapes from a farmer. He is only stealing because of hunger, not greed. So he is caught in a trap set for weasels that have been eating the farmers chickens. Pinocchio’s life is spared if he acts as the farmers watch dog who died that morning. Much like the irish god Cuhulain who had killed his hosts dogs because he was late for dinner. Had to serve a year as the man’s dogs.

Now in Alchemy you must balance off your animal side with your civilized form. Not to forsake one for the other but bring them into accord. But for Pinocchio he was way to much a creature pushed by his impulses. But impulses can be trained into instincts to join our civilized character. This is what the novel steppenwolf is about.

The weasels come to him in the night and potential the same for him that they gave the dog. One chicken for every eight they steel. But Pinocchio turns them in to become dinner for a poor family in town. The Farmer is so proud he releases Pinocchio. But Pinocchio learned more than to harness his desires, he learned to keep the dead dog’s secret out of compassion.

He returns to the Blue Fairy to find out the girl he loved had died of abandonment. When the abusive mate leaves and comes back to find the other changed for the better, he feels like she has died and no longer sees her. He tries everything to make her fall back into old destructive habits.

But a dove comes to him. The symbol of the holy spirit comes to guide him. He rides on her shoulders to a far peak to see his father fighting ocean groups to come and save him.

Like the movie Finding Nemo, sometimes the parent takes real steps to save themselves to better their children. Geppetto is trying but he is a long way coming.

The ocean is the symbol of the subconscious mind. The height Pinocchio watches from is seen in the alchemy symbol of the Purer and the spirit on the hill. This is your mood that can hear all your faults with ownership. It is also the place you believe your dreams are possible. It is the mood you can plan from your mistakes to unprotected to your dreams. But this mood is only for planning and is useless without acting upon them.

Pinocchio, instead of staying in this mood. He jumps into the same chaos Geppetto is fighting. For them both to almost drown. But Pinocchio ends up on the island of Busy Bees to hear Geppetto was eaten by a whale. On the island he can not get any charity to satisfy his hunger. He turns down manner labors for pay, to finally settle on carrying a jug of water for a woman back to her hut for a three course meal. Including desert.

The woman turns out to be the resurrected fairy Girl with blue hair. This is the opposite of his past girlfriend. She is the controlling mother who is seen in fairy tales as the wicked witch. He will now get a job that she approves of to sustain her orders. He needs the fear of the mother to fit into society. He might already become a lawyer or doctor like the owl and crow at this point. His dreams and true possible is lost to this woman. He now plays the victim instead of the slayer.

He keeps his job for some time and is providing many comforts for his wife. But some one from the old crowd, but different walks in. Gets him skip work for something grand. He promises him that the whale has been seen of the beach. So Pinocchio in hopes of finding his father gives up his job. But at the beach there is no whale and he is jumped by seven men. Representing the seven deadly sins. One throws a math book at him and hits another instead who is presumed dead. The police arrive and Pinocchio is chased by a police dog.

They run a long distance until Pinocchio jumps into the ocean. He uses his instincts. The dog falls in after him and begins to drown. Pinocchio is pushed to compassion over his own fears of his freedom and saves the dog.

From there Pinocchio go into a cave with the smell of frying fish. He is caught in a net and is mistaken for a fish. Allot of times these youths will go into the subconscious symbol of the cave looking for a new faith. Many fall into cults. Some if they are lucky will join Jehovah’s observe. A good organization for were they are in life, but stayed in to long you will find yourself on the plate at a fish fry. Much like AA becomes a crutch too. All youths must move past this point. For Pinocchio, the police dog saves him from the fire. The dog might be the symbol of his own authority building within him to keep him out of trouble without AA or the Witnesses.

Pinocchio returns to his old job, but another buddy gets him to go on a bender that last five months in the land of Toys. But on his way he finds a talking mule who tries to warn him. These are the other people in our crowd who are trying to get straight who are pressured not to. So Pinocchio turns into ass once again.

Here he is sold into the circus. On the first night of his show he maims his back leg jumping by a hoop. So he is sold to a man to drown so he can have his hide to make a new drum head. So he is thrown into the ocean to drown. He is eaten by fish who rip apart his donkey parts.

In many early culture this is experienced by Shamans. In modern societies it is the short schizophrenia break down many go by during times of great stress. The drum is very important in this ritual for Shamans. It is said the ride into the other world on its skin. In these vision shamans from around the world talk about animals ripping their limbs apart. Just to be put back togethor in a better shape. But some do not return whole and ride a half skinned drum.

Pinocchio rises from the sea a Puppet once more and swims away. In the distance he sees a goat with blue hair on a rock. He believes it to the blue fairy in concealment once more.

My uncle had married a swedish form with long blonde hair to get divorced to mary a Lebanese woman with long legs. To final settle on my father’s advice of marrying an ugly woman. He lasted the longest so far with her, but with many heart aches.

But before Pinocchio makes it to her he is swallowed by the same whale as his father. The whale is the symbol of the night journey back to the beginning. As the sun travels to the east to rise again in the morning. Jonah had taken the same journey. To the beginning is to his father who has gone by the same inward journey longer than him. This is where the father finds Nemo. In the whale Pinocchio meets a Tunny who follows him out. This could be that donkey who was trying to get straight who followed your example and got clean. So when Pinocchio and Geppetto can not swim any further after escaping the whale, the Tunny saves them out of appreciation.

Once on land they meet the fox and cat once more who have fallen into poverty. They leave them to their own fates.

Pinocchio looks for charity and food for his father at this hut. It is the hut of the blue goat. The next girlfriend is better but nevertheless not the right one, but she nevertheless sees her own father in him. But in the house the cricket is back. He tells Pinocchio of a farmer he can get milk from for his father. For Geppetto never had the caring comfort he needed from his mother in addition. The symbol of milk.

So Pinocchio goes to beg for some milk from the farmer. But no charity will be had. So he pulls water from the well the donkey used to do for the farmer. The donkey is the friend who got him in trouble from work who is now sick and hit out as an ass. Not only does he return every day to earn milk for his father put he helps out his sick fiend by pulling water out of the well for him. In time the farmer teaches him all sort of trades he earns a keep by his mind and hand finally. One he loves.

In show of success he is to reward himself and his father with new clothes. But he hears the Blue fairy is sick in the hospital from loneliness. For somewhere out there there is the perfect mate who is dying slowly for you to save your life so you can finally see them. For in the Grail Story, Percival does not see his wife until he save himself. True love does not ever see us until we see it in ourselves. But they can pine away waiting for that day or settle on second best and linger if we take too long.

So Pinocchio works harder to earn more to save the Blue Fairy.

This time his dream comes true and he wakes a real boy and the fairy comes to him. His old self lies motionless in the corner as a insignificant puppet. He does not scorn it.

Buddhist have a rule of making people ancestors. They do not hate their oldselves by placing guilt upon them, but give them credibility they did their best during trying times. But their ways are no longer for them giving up good for better. They honor their past who taught them to be what they are today.

But he is now on the journey to become a man and an adult, but that is another different story.

I guess it is challenging to have faith in these types of youths. With them only changing out of fear or to satisfy others. It takes them a long time to look down within them to save themselves in this contrary society where some crimes of society and the self are rewarded. They find the devil to be their best friend, for if the devil who was portrayed by the cat and fox was not there he would of not fell victim to his own desires and faults that brought him to near death. This is the point your friend the devil asks you to listen to his brother Christ to earn your life by hand and mind and not his short road of promises that takes years to walk. Or loose it.

But in time, if we do not loose our lives to them and join their missery. The tedium to boredom with side journeys to apathy might be worth the wait if we avoid joining them in hardship and give them a chance to help themselves. But it is no place to be in a relationship with them until they save themselves. But society should always give them a chance as we look at our own faults and contradictions and change them. For in ways they are our own devils who show us the errors of our ways.

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