Woman shares easy way she makes cheap Christmas baubles look designer …

Woman shares easy way she makes cheap Christmas baubles look designer …

CHRISTMAS is an expensive time for many, with food to put on the table and decorations to cover the home.

If you are fed up with buying expensive baubles every year, for them to just get ruined or broken, we have a clever hack for you.


If you can’t provide fancy baubles, here’s a hack for you.Credit: noemiliar/TikTok

One woman has taken to TikTok to proportion her savvy bauble hack and it’s pretty impressive.

Posting under ‘noemiliar’, the woman shared her hack for transforming baubles, but it’s left people divided.

She said: “When you hate colourful ornaments but can’t provide the boujee aesthetic ones.”

In the video we see the woman’s box of colourful red Christmas baubles.

We then see her dipping each bauble into a bowl of nail varnish remover.

This nail varnish remover then strips off the colour and the glitter, completely transforming the baubles to a nice silver colour.

In seconds, the baubles appear to be transformed and look brand new.

At the time of writing, the video has only been posted to TikTok for six days, but it has already racked up 6.7million likes.

It has a whopping 1million likes, 1,597 comments and 675 shares.

One person said: “Okay wait I hadn’t already considered this as an option.”

Another additional: “Ooo this gone look goodddd.”

A third commented: “Learn something new everyday.”


However, there were many TikTok users that thought that this method would take quite a while and would be a waste of time.

One user commented: “You’re gonna be there till next xmas.”

Another said: “Why not buy silver or clear ones?”

A third additional: “Just sorry paint them lol so much easier.”

Another commented: “I’m all about diy but idk about this bestie.”


She soaks the baubles in nail varnish remover to strip the colourCredit: noemiliar/TikTok


The baubles are then completely transformed and look greatCredit: noemiliar/TikTok

Meanwhile, I made a DIY Christmas door characterize out of baubles and tinsel and everyone is saying the same thing.

Also, I’ve got the perfect hack for transforming cheap baubles – it’s so simple and they will look amazing.

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