Why Some Contractors Won’t Get More Business Ever

Why Some Contractors Won’t Get More Business Ever

So you need a competent repairman or installer to fix or replace a broken appliance in your home. With hopes up. you find one or two promising contractors online or on paper. Not only do they potential great results, free estimates and easy financing, they entice you to call them closest. which you do. Here is what may happen.

A bored receptionist answers your call, takes your contact information and promises that you’ll be called back shortly in any case that method. The problem is that you.ll NEVER get a call back. In one case, a contractor said he would call back “tomorrow” and never did.

You are asked to leave a message and your contact information. Trust me. You’ll never hear back in most situations

You are told that the jobs they do are limited to renovation, but thanks for calling anyway. They simply have too many more lucrative jobs that they are already committed to. ours doesn’t count.

You are given a vague appointment (ex: next three weeks) Your urgent situation worsens each passing day and your frustration grows/ Threee weeks come and go and no one has bothered to contact you or showed up to do the job already. Time to find a more reliant contractor!

You get a phone call back, rescheduling your appointment to a a later time, Ultimately, that time turns out to be 9 pm, And they,ll park nearby and call, saying that they have arrived. And are ready to go to work. It is dark, cold and windy. already if you allow those contractors to work. they probably won’t be done ubtil 11 pm or later. Forget it and move on to someone else.

Someone does show up and takes measurements, but tells you to “contact the store.” without mentioning that the situation is so bad that you will need specialized workers. additionally, you wull have to find and contact those workers yourself. Goodness only knows how long that will take. And more time has been wasted as your problem worsens

You are called back, but are told that the workers are not licensed to do the work in your state. Why on earth did they bother advertising? You would have never bothered to call if you knew that already/ You needed help.

You make arrangements with a home improvement store and pay a place, but no one mentions that you are in the 67th place as far as appointments go. You’re a trusting, reliant person who is now obligated to go by with the project anyway or are you? Perhaps not. Go back to the store and ask exactly when someone will perform the work. A vague answer won;t cut it. Ask for your money back,

All of the instances above have the possible to happen and can make you crazy. Only a few scarce honrst to goodness contractora are obtainable and are as easy to find as a needle in a haystack. Proceed with caution!

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