What Is Traffic Brokering and How to Become a Traffic Broker

Traffic brokering is one of the ways you can use to make money online. In simple terms, it method you direct traffic from your promotional content straight to the affiliates’ sites or your own sites which characterize the affiliate providers’ products. Here you hope that the sales page is convincing and enticing enough to transform the prospect into a buyer.

Although traffic brokering is not seen as ideal because it is a way of making inconsistent income, sales wise it could be very profitable. However, this method is generally seen as inferior to list building, because the latter captures the contact details of the prospect and can consequence in more future sales. Traffic brokering knows no buyer, only the number of sales. No contact details are recorded so there is no way to contact the buyers and hopefully build a more profitable relationship in the future.

Here are some situations where you can become a traffic broker:

1. You have little or no time to get to know a niche better. A few traffic generation techniques here and there, just to get some sales with little or no effort is what you are aiming for.

2. Your possible customers may be just curious in general about a product or service they want to know more about. You can then redirect these possible customers to niche sites offering appropriate products. Here you hope that the possible customers get the answer they need in the form of the promotional content outlining the products or sets which ultimately might earn you a commission.

3. The niche might be new or it might be related to a new trend. You do some quick research for information and affiliate products. You are then able to refer people, asking questions related to these types of niches, to your site or the affiliate provider’s site.

4. Avoiding tax and legal explanations where it is best that you do not get involved unless you are qualified and empowered to give such advice. Examples of these niches are insurance and financial advice. In these niches, you will just refer the prospect to a provider’s site to sign up and be given the advice they seek. Cost Per Action (CPA) affiliate programs usually function this way and then you are paid for leads generated or when an action taken by the prospect occurs, depending on the provider’s terms of service.

5. The niche is very competitive and the affiliate commissions are high, such as when there are giants in the niche. For example edges, insurance companies, medical businesses etc. Competing with them is usually impossible. Trying to establish a foothold or gaining recognition in such an ecosystem is also very difficult as this would take a lot of energy. In these situations, you aim for one-off sales that could compensate you nicely. You just need to have a general overview of the niche and then redirect possible customers to these sites where you hope they might buy something.

6. The niche is very popular and consequently overcrowded with customers. This situation usually method that the chance of getting one-off customers is large. Again, you just send possible customers to the affiliate providers’ sites, hoping for a quick sale.

The above situations show that traffic brokering should be used as part of your arsenal of money-making tools, as it can be a fast route to generate additional income.

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