What Is Clairvoyance?

The information clairvoyance comes from 17th century French: with clair meaning “clear” and voyance meaning “vision.” It is the ability to perceive things that are beyond the range of our everyday human senses: seeing the unknown with the mind’s eye (the third eye).

Most parapsychologist and other believers in psychic abilities think that everyone has the capability to be clairvoyant, and that it can be developed by continued practice – In other words it has to be awakened.

Some of the things that stop the majority of people not to tap into their clairvoyant abilities are: they are either oblivious to the strength, or are just reluctant to show it; also another thing is it takes a lot of time to cultivate psychic abilities.

There are two main types of clairvoyant strength – voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary clairvoyance is usually seen as a positive thing. However, involuntary clairvoyance is usually thought of as spooky, negative, and perhaps already unsafe. The thing is a lot psychics think that voluntary clairvoyance is gotten by healthy living, and the readiness to reach within one’s own psyche. Which I don’t believe because I’ve met a lot of so-called voluntary psychics who smoke, drink, have a lot of indiscriminate sex, and are very selfish.

I think as long as you are open to the possibility of another size, and don’ harm anything willingly that you are of a psychic and spiritual character. What I’m saying is, it doesn’t matter how you live to be able to have clairvoyant powers! as long as you follow those two guide lines.

Now, coming to Involuntary Clairvoyance – which happens naturally – this kind of clairvoyance is scary for the person who experiences it, and knows nothing about the paranormal. Because they don’t know what is happening to them. And if they don’t know what is happening to them, they can’t control the experience.

seemingly a lot of people who have this kind of clairvoyance end up in a mental institutions because they are considered insane by the general public.

So in this state, the involuntarily clairvoyant person is commonly thought of to be open to malign nonphysical influences because like I said before they don’t know what is happening, and most importantly they don’t know how to protect themselves from malicious entities.

A lot of students who study the preternatural (the unexplained world) say that it is like playing with fire. And perchance to summon evil influences into their world around them. Their way of thinking is this: in the material world, things are not as unprotected to transformation as they are in the invisible world. Because of this, trained clairvoyants and students of the unseen world stipulate that whoever wants to, and is determined about developing their clairvoyance should be trained before they try anything with things they don’t know anything about.

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