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the “Secret Formula”
Wedding MC’s use to create an unforgettable wedding reception…

Strategies That Turn An “Ordinary” Wedding

Into A Fun And Exciting

Wedding MC…

There’s nothing more terrifying to a novice Wedding MC than being handed hastily scratched notes of the wedding agenda and being expected to put on a bright performance from start to finish…especially when you’ve never MC’d a wedding reception before.

After all, you don’t know what to do…or what to say in front of hundreds of guests.

I’m Mark Livingston, and I’m going
to show you – just like I have done with hundreds of other Wedding MCs – how you can unleash your untapped
talent as a Wedding Master of Ceremonies and turn a so-so (or already a
dull and boring) wedding reception
into a FUN and noticable time for everyone.

here’s the best part…

You don’t need years of experience as a Wedding MC to pull it off.

All you need are enthusiasm and the right “blueprint” – a carefully
prepared guide that takes you by the hand virtually every step of the
way from the beginning of the wedding reception to the final farewell.

Let me tell you, there’s nothing more
thrilling than hearing wedding
guests laughing and seeing them having an amazing time…all because you were responsible for
planning and
creating a FUN reception.

“Secret Code” That Catapults

An Ordinary Wedding Reception

Into A FUN Party!

What’s so amazing is that
virtually any Wedding MC – inexperienced and experienced – can turn an
“ordinary” wedding reception into a FUN and noticable time with just a
few simple-to-implement secrets.

It’s like unlocking the secret code that ramps up a formal, dignified
reception and turns it into a complete-blown party…and a
of the newlywed’s special day.

In fact, no matter how…

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