Website Marketing – How You Should Present Your Website to unprotected to the…

Website Marketing – How You Should Present Your Website to unprotected to the…

Here are 3 types of website for 3 types of marketing purpose:

• Blogs

• Website

• Landing pages


Blogs serve to provide you with a rolling presentation of updates in the format of news that you can proportion with member in your niche. We’re at such a stage of online development that the software obtainable kind of covers both blogs and websites per se.

Historically was the free platform offered by Google that paved a nice, easy, free way for everyone to build a blog. The problem with is that Google will own all your uploads when you publish them, and they’re not too keen on commercially based material. I’ve explained a little more about the different below.


Websites are more of a static showcase for your business. They are less of a centre for discussion and more of an online shop window. I think the easiest way to create a site – in the long run – is to become familiar with WordPress. WP as it is usually known is a facility that offers you more ways to create a fabulous looking site than any other platform. The best way to use WordPress is by cPanel self-hosting, instead of This is because you will want to retain ownership, and hence control, of all the content you upload, whether that is in writing, graphics, or video format.

Now WP can be a little tricky to grasp, but there’s plenty of online help, or advice from your coach if you have one. It’s certainly worth your while learning it; I struggled to begin with, but pressed on, stuck with it, and now would only use my web editor for simple page like squeeze (landing / opt-in) pages.

Landing pages

Landing pages, also known as opt-in or squeeze pages, do nothing else but act as an introduction to what your business can do to assist people to do what they desire to do. A header, list of bullet points and a strong, attractive call to action are the only things you need on a squeeze page. It has one job to do, and anything else will only cause distraction for your readers, who are at this stage, are perhaps interested in knowing a little more about how you can help them – at the minimum is shows that they like what you have said in your content enough to click by to your landing page.

You can see that this page has quite an important job to do, so it’s important not to rush it and get it right. Landing pages are one of the most tested pages – throughout your career as an Internet marketer you will attempt much divided testing to compare different opt-in rates for pages like these; you may find that just one different or different information can make a huge difference, and only testing will show it up.

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