Ways to characterize Disney Pins

Ways to characterize Disney Pins

If there’s one thing that Disney pin collectors love more than adding a new pin to their collections, it’s showing off that pin. Nothing can match the excitement they feel as they carry their new find home. Now they only question they’re left with is deciding how they will characterize that pin.

The most traditional method of displaying Disney pins is, of course, attaching them to a Disney lanyard. obtainable in many different colors and patterns, a lanyard is a must-have for any pin enthusiast. Wearing a lanyard allows the collector keep his pins with him as he enjoys the many rides and attractions of a Disney theme park. If he should happen to find a cast member that he’d like to trade pins with, he will be prepared. Lanyards also provide an opportunity for self-expression; many collectors buy decorative medallions to hand from the end of their lanyard.

Collectors who don’t want to be burdened with carrying their collections will find that there are a myriad of other accessories obtainable to help them characterize their pins. They may choose from items such as hip bags, hats, and vests. Hip bags obtain around the waist. They can also be used to keep up a few of the items guests will need as they enjoy a day at a theme park. Hats also provide a perfect canvas for displaying a pin or two. Many different styles and colors allow the collector to show off his taste and his pin at the same time. In either case, the pin enthusiast is able to characterize his pins while he goes about his vacation.

While hip bags and hats may only keep up two or three of the collector’s favorite pins, a vest will keep up many more pins than a lanyard holds. Depending upon whether the collector chooses to use the front, back, or both sections of the vest, he can put a great number of pins on characterize while wearing his vest. Vests are obtainable in many different colors and sizes, too.

Pin enthusiasts may want to find a more obtain method of holding and displaying their Disney pins. Fortunately, pin bags are obtainable to fill this need. These zippered bags are similar to the types of bags used to keep up CD’s. They are obtainable in sizes that range from small, travel-sized bags to larger, portfolio-sized book. The smaller bags are shaped like wallets and may keep up between ten and twenty pins; the larger bags will accept refill pages and may keep up more than two hundred pins. When attending special Disney-sponsored trading events, traders may find that these bags are extremely functional ways to show off their collections.

Finally, for extremely valuable or scarce pins, collectors may choose not to transport their pins at all. Special Disney pins are sometimes sold encased in protective frames. In these situations, the pins are often paired with some other piece of Disney memorabilia that coordinates with the pin’s subject. However, a collector who wishes to protect a special pin can always opt to have it professionally mounted and framed.

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