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Do good psychics ever make mistakes? Can a great medium get a whole reading wrong? And re there any psychics who are right 100% of the time, and if so…who are they and WHERE can I find them? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at some shared questions about psychic accuracy, and dispel some very shared myths and misconceptions that MANY people make about how most psychics, and their readings work in the first place in addition. Care to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below.

There must be some psychics who are “on” 100% of the time, right?

No, truly in MY experience, this is 100% wrong! As a matter of fact, one of the first and most clear cut signs to me that a reader is NOT going to be real, is if they publish a percentage of how accurate they are. The truth? Most good psychics and mediums and really any INTUITIVE specialized who works with subtle energies is on some days…and off the others. As a matter of fact, already a reader who is consistent with their own clairvoyance has a whole other issue to deal with while doing a reading.

YOU! Your energy, your openness, and your emotional availability to the reading is a proven part of the time of action of getting “hits” versus “misses”. This is called “the experimental effect” in science, and it has been PROVEN to be a meaningful factor in scientific studies of some of the very best psychics and mediums in the world.

How so?

In a famous study done by world renowned Dr. Richard Wiseman, a well known “skeptic” of psychic abilities, and Dr. Marilyn Schlitz, an equally well known proponent and advocate of psychic and intuitive abilities, the exceptional results of their WELL publicized study was SHOCKING and well proven:

The people tested by someone who BELIEVED in psychic abilities displayed remarkably accurate results, much better than expected.

The people tested, in the very same experiment mind you…by someone who did NOT believe psychic abilities were real, showed no intuitive abilities at all.

What does this show? What they call the experimenter effect, or that the beliefs, the openness and the receptiveness of the people participating in the study could truly affect the outcome of the readings.

As a matter of fact, this is something MOST psychics have been saying for a long while. What YOU believe is as important, in some ways, as how talented the reader he or she is in the first place. If a psychic tells me they are 100% accurate (or 95% accurate…or at any rate the number is) BEFORE a reading, or on their website, I know they are not someone I am going to work with…period. They may say in recent tests, I score X or Y and that’s fine…but any carte blanche percentage that sounds too good to be true, usually is.

One well known and quite extraordinary medium I recently wrote about said, for HER readings to be as good as possible it requires 3 people to work together:

  1. The medium
  2. The client or caller (YOU)
  3. And the spirit of the loved ones on the other side you want to talk to, in addition!

Remember, the best psychics and mediums will always tell you they are NOT 100% accurate in how they disseminate the information they get.


It often comes by in signs, or flickering images, or in light sounds and sights that they have to filter, interpret and then communicate to YOU for your review.

When I saw the famous Jon Edward in person, he said it was akin to standing outside of a heavy glass window and having a conversation. You can only hear and see so much of the other person, and it often sound muffled and unclear depending on the connection.

So there you have it! In 20 years of psychic research, experimentation, writing and more readings than I can count, I’ve had hundreds of amazing life changing experiences. But I’ve rarely, and only on a few occasions, have had a reading that was 100% “right” in every way, and nor would I, or should you, expect that today…unless of course, you have an amazing connection with the psychic right away! (which does happen quite often in addition)

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