Vandals set fire to bins while homeowners are on holiday

Vandals set fire to bins while homeowners are on holiday

Yobs set fire to bins in Tottington in Bury while the homeowners were away on holiday. A man, who asked to keep anonymous, said he saw the fire break out on a lane that runs behind Booth Street on Monday evening (16 May).

The bins belong to residents who live on a row of houses opposite a small park. The man rushed to put the fire out and used a garden hose to contain it.

But he fears the outcome could have been far worse. He did not see the bins being set on fire, but he suspects it was a group of youths responsible, he claimed.

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Rubbish strewn all over the floor after a bin was set on fire (Image: Supplied)

Photos show the green bins completely damaged, with the fire having melted part of the plastic. Some of the bins are strewn sideways and have rubbish leaking out of them all over the floor.

Panels on a wooden fence have also been scorched.

Bins were set on fire on a lane behind Booth Street in Tottington

This is not the first time that bins have been set on fire in Tottington : on 3 May, two teenagers were caught on video, using aerosol cans and matches to set fire to a bin in Town Meadow Park. On the same night, a group of youths took a ‘stolen’ tractor on a devastating rampage by Bury, damaging nine cars in Tottington, before the means was abandoned.

Part of the plastic melted after this bin was set on fire (Image: Supplied)

The incident has sparked concerns about anti-social behaviour in the Tottington area. The man said: “Me and my family were the ones who put the fire out, using a garden hose. We managed to put the fire out but with its location, it could have very quickly become something far worse.

“Sadly, we didn’t see the youths who set the bins on fire. Technically, the section of lane behind each house is private character to each house.

Part of a fence that was burned and rubbish leaking out of a bin after it was set on fire (Image: Supplied)

“The neighbours who own the bins are sadly away on holiday. I can’t say for certain that it was youths that did this, however we have had incidents around the area and a group of youths attempting to start a fire on the local park.

A bin with part of its plastic burned off after it was set on fire (Image: Supplied)

“We have also had information from other locals of youths attempting to start fires in back lanes and so on. With the recent tractor incident, one can only assume that this is unruly youths.

“I would advise Tottington residents to please be vigilant. Hopefully, more public awareness will help in reducing if not stopping these incidents.”

GMP has been contacted for comment.

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