Understanding Psychic Abilities: Clairaudience Explained

Understanding Psychic Abilities: Clairaudience Explained

Clairaudience is one of the lesser-known psychic abilities and method that someone is ‘clear hearing’ or has the ability to hear sounds or information that goes beyond the physical senses or physical hearing.

How Clairaudience Works

A clairaudient will receive information in the form of sounds, either inside his or her mind or by the chakras located directly above the ears. Sounds can range from phrases, words, names, or already conversations with those who have crossed over, or spirit guides.

sometimes, clairaudience can also be experienced as the actual hearing of sounds that may not be present physically or may not be within the normal range of hearing. This form of clairaudience takes on an almost metaphysical form where the sounds are heard physically. Some psychics or sentients may hear sounds in this way and use it as part of readings to relay information to the client.

Precognition or Postcognition

It assumed that psychics or sentients receive information about the future, but clairaudience is one of the many psychic gifts that deliver information about past events, present events or future events.

In my own experience clairaudient information usually relates to present situations or may be to warn or make me aware of future possible. It’s best to be open to what information comes by in this way because what the psychic or sentient receives may relate to a past situation, a present concern, or may be a sign of a future event or occurrence.

Clairaudience can also take the form of a phrase that repeats in the mind of the psychic and what I find most often is that this information relates to the present and more often than not, to the mindset or feelings of another person. This kind of psychic ability verges on telepathy, because the snippets or phrases that are received usually represent something someone has said to the client. In this way, the gift of clairaudience can also validate the feelings, mindset, or intentions of another person, because the information relayed by the psychic affirms something they’ve heard themselves or been told by the person in question.

Information Received by Clairaudience

It’s assumed that clairaudients can have complete conversations with those that have crossed over, spirit guides, or by hearing the thoughts of another person, – and some do – but the information received is usually a little more cryptic and depends on the individual ability of the psychic.

Psychics receive bits and pieces that can be compared to pieces of a question, and these pieces, when put together, form a whole picture that can be interpreted. Clairaudient information can take the form of words, phrases, names, or already sounds like silver bells or knocking, for example.

The sounds or information may also be symbolic, in other words, hearing a knocking sound may indicate opportunity or silver bells may indicate the presence of someone in spirit. The meaning of symbolic sounds will be different for each reader, because over time, a reader learns how to interpret each sound he or she hears.

Not all Psychics are Clairaudient

Clairaudience is just one of the psychic gifts or abilities, and it’s important to remember that not every psychic or sentient will ‘hear’ things during a reading. If you’re interested in receiving information from loved ones who have crossed over, also check that the reader you’re interested in has the gift of mediumship.

Clairaudience can also help to provide insight around someone’s mindset, their thoughts, and how they experience a situation as a clairaudient may be able to hear their thoughts or get the gist of what’s on someone’s mind.

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