Understanding HVAC Quotes – A Guide For Anyone Thinking of Buying a New Air Conditioning System

Understanding HVAC Quotes – A Guide For Anyone Thinking of Buying a New Air Conditioning System

So you have done the right thing and got 3, 4 or 5 air conditioning quotes before purchasing your new air conditioning system. What now? How do you compare the quotes? How do you know what system to choose? How do you know what size of system is right for your home? Below are some basic tips and tricks to help you make the right decision.

The first thing most people do when comparing quotes is to look at the price. clearly this is a good thing to do but make sure you are comparing apples with apples. Firstly, make sure the air conditioning units that they have quoted you on are the same or similar brands. Make sure the sizes of the units are also the same. If the brand or size of the units differ, ring each company up and ask them why they chose this brand and size of unit. A quick call will often help you clarify who has quoted you on the correct unit for your needs.

Ask the salesman about the warranties offered by both the air conditioning unit’s manufacturer and the air conditioning installation company in addition. Ask how long the warranty is for, what is covered by the warranty and if it includes bot parts and labour. By asking these questions you will get a better understanding of the air conditioning unit you are after.

Be sure to ask the salesman about noise levels from your air conditioner. Nobody wants a noisy air conditioner as it not only annoys you but it can also cause arguments between you and your neighbours in addition. The salesman should be able to provide you with outdoor unit dB readings, so you can compare which unit is quieter. Once again, be sure that these measurements are taken from the same distance away from the air conditioning unit (some companies measure from 4 feet away and others from 12 feet away).

Once all these checks are done you can examine the final price. If two companies are offering the same product at a different cost, see if the more expensive one can beat the cheaper one. Ultimately, be sure to go with someone you feel comfortable with already if it method spending a little more money. If you prefer a company in regards to it’s high levels of service and quality it is probably worth paying the additional associate of hundred dollars for that peace of mind.

Finally, ask the salesman for some reference from happy customers. Ask to see a completed job. Also, have a good look around the company and see what feel you get. First impressions are often correct so steer clear of air conditioning companies you don’t feel comfortable around.

With these tips in mind, go out and get some quotes. Do your research, compare the quotes and you will be sure to come out on top.

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