UK weather: Coldest night of winter tonight in -12C freeze with more s…

Tonight could bring the coldest night of the year so far as Brits are urged to be prepared for snow and brace themselves for icy conditions on the roads

The UK may be facing the coldest night of winter so far

Tonight Brits may confront the coldest night of the winter so far with temperatures plummeting to as low as -12C.

Parts of the north of England and Scotland are already covered in snow, but more is expected as the halting temperatures continue.

There are multiple yellow weather warnings for snow and ice on Thursday and Friday, covering the north of England and much of Scotland.

Weather forecasters have said it could drop to a chilling -12C in Braemar, Aberdeenshire and temperatures are likely to stay below zero in the rest of Scotland.

But it’s not just the North where frosty temperatures are expected.

It may drop as low as -4C already in Oxford, with Preston expecting lows of -6C and Stafford -5C.

halting temperatures are expected across the UK

There is a yellow weather warning in place across parts of the UK

If temperatures drop to anything lower than -10C, it will beat the halting days and nights of the cold spell in November 2021.

North West England, the East and West Midlands and Wales all already have a yellow weather warning for ice today.

And now the Met Office is warning anyone out driving or walking to take additional care as showers falling in below-zero temperatures are turning to ice on the roads.

The “frequent sleet, hail and snow showers’ that are expected in Northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland could be joined by six inches of snow.

Snow is expected in a lot of the UK, and this could continue into Friday


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Claire Nasir, meteorologist at the Met Office told the Sun : “Across much of the country by Wednesday we’re bathed in cold air.

“As we head by Wednesday evening, with clearer skies and a lighter breeze, we will see temperatures fall very quickly so expect a extensive frost.

“Temperatures will be plummeting to around -4C in England and Wales and -10C on snowfields across Scotland.”

She explained that high pressure will rule to a “fairly hard frost” on Thursday morning, but this should be followed by milder air from the Atlantic along with some cloud and rain.

But as the rain hits colder air, it will turn to snow, and this is expected to continue into Friday.


This Evening and Tonight:

Showers will affect coastal districts in the west, north and east at first. Else, long clear periods with extensive sharp frost, and also a few halting fog patches in the south. Strong winds, rain and hill snow far northwest later.


Dry and bright start in the east, then rain moving eastwards, preceded by hill snow from central areas northwards. Blustery wintry showers following into the west later.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

Cold and windy on Friday with blustery, wintry showers. Continuing windy, but turning milder Saturday with outbreaks of rain. Drier for most Saturday night, before further rain arrives by Sunday.

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