Tyson Fury has ‘fingers crossed’ over request to Joe Biden ahead of De…

Tyson Fury has plead to President Joe Biden to open the United States’ borders ahead of his fight with Deontay Wilder this weekend.

Fury will step in the ring for the third time with American fighter Wilder in Las Vegas on Saturday evening.

The trilogy bout will put the rivalry between the pair to rest, as it is billed, ‘Once And For All’.

In this fight though, no UK fans will be permitted inside the stadium – with the United States not set to relax their transatlantic travel rules until November.

While we’d usually see a large following at Fury fights over in the US, UK-based supporters are not able to go into the country as things stand.

But whilst there may only be a few days to go until fight night, the Manchester-born boxer has not given up hope that he might be able to convince the president to allow British citizens to go into the US for the bout.

Fury said: “I’ve nevertheless got my fingers crossed that at the last minute President Biden will open the borders to my supporters.

“I’ve been putting the pressure on for the Brits to be allowed to move into Las Vegas again and make it like my second fight with Wilder.

“When we English go places we do take over. We do drink a lot. We’re wild and rowdy, screaming and shouting a lot. Lager flying everywhere. And our fight crowds use plenty of money.

Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder III

“I had seventeen and a half thousand cheering for me in the MGM Grand Garden Arena and more than 18,000 at the weigh-in.

“How bad do you think that made Wilder feel as an American in Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world, boxing in his own country and everyone’s screaming ‘there’s only one Tyson Fury’?

“Imagine how bad I would feel if I was boxing the Bronze Bomber in England and everyone was shouting for him? In his case he might in addition have been fighting me at Wembley.

“‘It was amazing but Vegas may not see the like of it again in a long time. Unless Mr Biden opens the doors to us.”

Current rules and regulations force British citizens to use a minimum of two weeks outside of the UK before travelling to the States, are not set to be relaxed until November.

However, there are ‘National Interest Exemptions’, though, which can be granted to international sports stars in addition as those who would bring benefits to the US – such as NFL teams travelling to London to play at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium this weekend.

Fury and Wilder’s first fight took place in December 2018 at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles. It was Fury’s first real challenge since his infamous victory over Wladimir Klitschko three years prior and his later break from the sport thereafter.

Fury has pleaded to Biden that he opens the borders

A tight contest on the night ended in a draw, but Wilder and his team took exception to what they perceived as a slow count when Fury had been knocked to the canvas in the final round.

In fight number two in February 2020, Fury was back to his principal best scoring a TKO victory in the seventh round.

Fury vs Wilder 3 will be shown exclusively live to BT Sport Box Office.

Programming and the undercard get underway from midnight, this coming Saturday, October 9. The fight time for Fury and Wilder can be expected at around 4am.

You can find BT Sport Box Office on Sky Channel 490 or under the On need section on Virgin Media.

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This weekend’s fight is obtainable for a price of £24.95.

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