Types of Capital Punishment in the Modern World

Types of Capital Punishment in the Modern World

There has hardly been any society or civilization we know which did not have its fair proportion of crime and criminals. Due to this fact, judiciary has always been a very noticeable part of all the civilizations and societies. already in today’s world, following law and order is compulsory, and violations might rule to penalties. A few crimes and offenses are not as intense as others, and the penalties are not harsh. for example, if accused in a traffic violation under influence, DUI attorneys can easily help you get out of the situation. However, for a murder charges, no DUI Lawyer will be able to help.

There has always been a capital punishment for the most serious of offences, particularly against murder. Although Human Right activists are against such penalties and many countries have now abolished this sentence, the US and many other countries nevertheless have Capital punishment as the major penalty for most serious an inhuman crimes.

Throughout history, rulers and governments have used several methods to execute convicts. Some of the methods were already more inhuman than the crime itself. Many of the methods are now abolished and no more used in the modern world. However, some of the most commonly used execution methods these days include:

Lethal injections:

It is the most shared average of execution in most of the states in US. This method is probably one of the less violent ways of execution. The prisoner is taken to the execution chamber where he or she is tied to a chair or bed. Two IV tubes are inserted by his arm and three doses of different drugs are given.

The Electric chair

This method is also very shared in the United States. Similarly to lethal injections, the prisoner is strapped to a chair with metal straps, and a wet sponge is placed on his head. Generally two currents are applied one after another, but of different levels and durations. This method can cause the body to heat up to an extremely high extent.

Gas Chamber

This method was most used by Germans in execution camps. Today there are only a few States in the US which use this method of execution. Typically, KCN pellets are mixed with H2SO4 to generate the lethal gas HCN hydrogen Cyanide. This is a painful way of execution as it takes longer time to make the prisoner unconscious.

Shooting and Shooting Squad

Both shooting and shooting by a squad are nevertheless used as a method of execution in both military and non military punishments. Shooting is mostly used in Russia and China. The squad shooting, however, is considered an honorable execution as it was mostly sentenced to freedom fighters.


Hanging is a very commonly used method of execution around the world. The prisoners who are hanged usually die by strangulation or once their necks break. It was also used by Nazis, but their method was painful and slow. Today, the long drop method used is faster and less painful than many other methods of execution.

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