Transcripts of Focus Group – Earning Call Or Conferences – How Useful …

highly useful will be an understatement – because the wealth of information that focus groups or conferences generate would otherwise be lost if these were not proven. The audio recordings have limited utility value, but when the audio is proven or converted into text, the reference value of the transcripts becomes manifold. The teleconference of an earning call for example may not allow all investors an opportunity for participating in it, these are web cast, but if an investor requests for a transcription, it is mandatory for the public company to make the financial results obtainable to the investor, either as a hard copy or as a downloadable document.

If audio recordings have a stamp of authenticity on them, the transcripts give it a stamp of legality. Likewise before hiring employees a company holds interview sessions that are recorded, and after the completion of the selection course of action the audio recordings are proven and attested by the chosen applicants. There was a time when products or sets were not well organized on the internet, but there is a exceptional improvement now, especially where sets are concerned, for example specialized transcription sets are being offered on the web, and companies that earlier hired expensive labor for in-house documentations are soliciting it now from web-based service providers.

The web-based companies provide transcription sets for as low as $60 to $65 for an hour of audio, and doing it in-house cost companies anywhere from $90 to $100, the huge cost difference has resulted in many companies soliciting business transcriptions from the web. The audio recordings are sent to the service provider as email attachments and the transcribers of the company document it send it back in 48 hours, all of which is done on the web. The sets are paid for either by PayPal, Google Checkout or Credit Cards, including bank transfers.

The ease of availability of the service is not limited to business transcriptions, already multimedia companies are soliciting it online, especially radio and television companies that require transcripts for different production processes, such as adding captions to television programs.

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