Top Five Reasons to Hire a Criminal Attorney If You Have Been Arrested For DUI

Top Five Reasons to Hire a Criminal Attorney If You Have Been Arrested For DUI

Unfortunately, a DUI really is the crime that can happen to anyone. already more unfortunately, some people misguidedly think that going in to their Dui court and “facing the music ” is the responsible course of action to take. Most unfortunately, doing so can rule to excessive fines, punishments, and confusion regarding the charges. Here are the five best reasons for getting a criminal attorney to help negotiate you by the obstacle course that is your DUI prosecution.

1. A DUI Conviction carries excessive fines. A DUI Lawyer may be able to reduce the amount of fines that you will ultimately have to pay.

A first time DUI in Tampa, Florida will cost you $1000.00 at the minimum. With enhancements, it quickly goes up to over $3,000.00. And this does not include the increases in insurance premiums, ignition interlock devices, DUI school,, or other court costs and fines. Getting a lawyer may more than offset the costs he can save you financially in the long run.

2. A DUI conviction can be consequence in substantial time in jail. A DUI Attorney may be able to minimize the amount of jail or prison that your DUI conviction requires.

A first time DUI can consequence in up to 180 days in jail in the State of Florida. A second or later DUI can net you 365 in the county. And a DUI that has been felon-ized can get you 5 years in prison. It is important to have a criminal attorney working in your corner to minimize the incarceration time if any the State Attorney may be seeking.

3. A DUI conviction can consequence in the loss of your driver’s license. A DUI Attorney may be able to help you avoid the loss of your license.

confront it. There is nothing more important to the average citizen than the right to excursion. Without a driver’s license, the simple things like the ability to go to work, go to the store, and pick up the kids from daycare become next to impossible. A DUI conviction will consequence in the loss of your license for anywhere from 6 months to the rest of your life! Luckily, a Dui lawyer may be able to help you avoid the loss of your license, and keep you on the road.

4. A DUI Attorney can help you navigate the requirements of a DUI conviction, and help you understand the time of action.

Issues with your license, insurance premiums and SR-22 forms, court dates, and more. A DUI can leave you head swirling with requirements. The legal issues surrounding a DUI arrest can be equally confusing. How does the Breathalyzer work? Why did the Officer stop me? Did he have a legal basis to arrest me? These questions and more can be answered by a qualified Attorney.

In fact, only half of an attorney’s job is in the courtroom. The other half involved helping the client understand what is going on. That is why they call them “counselors”.

5. Finally, a DUI Attorney may be able to help you avoided the dreaded DUI conviction thoroughly.

A conviction for Drunken Driving is not unavoidable just because you have been arrested for DUI. In many situations, an Attorney may be able to help you avoid a conviction altogether. This can be done by getting the charge reduced to a reckless driving, having the charge dismissed, or winning the case thoroughly at the trial level.

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