Top 10 US Housing Markets For Wholesaling Houses Now

Top 10 US Housing Markets For Wholesaling Houses Now

Which are the best U.S. real estate markets for wholesaling houses right now?

Whether just getting started in real estate, or an established wholesaler looking for larger spreads or more quantity; which are the best American cities for flipping houses fast and for top dollar?

First let’s remember that wholesaling houses can work in any area, in any market cycle. That method it isn’t really necessary to regularly rush off in chase of the ‘next real estate hot identify’.

Of course some investors can find that sometimes their own markets can become saturated, agents and sellers get overconfident and overly demanding, MLS listings spread and need can decrease. That doesn’t average that there aren’t many opportunities for wholesaling houses, or that deals aren’t possible. However, it does sometimes average that deal flow can be enhanced by branching out, and so can profit margins.

So what makes a good place to wholesale houses?

Great conditions to look for include:

· Presence of undervalued similarities

· Presence of motivated sellers

· Increasing home values and prices

· arrival of new residents

· obtainable employment

· Access to financing

· need for housing

One of the biggest factors here is rising prices. Homes can be wholesaled in declining markets, and this has been done consistently over the last 7 years, with huge monetary rewards. However, it can often be a lot easier and faster to turn similarities over in rapidly appreciating markets. So where is that today?

Top 10 markets for home price appreciation:

According to a recent report from ZipRealty and UT San Diego the markets that saw the largest increasing in home prices year over year by August 2013 were:

1. Sacramento, CA

2. San Francisco, CA

3. Las Vegas, NV

4. Los Angeles, CA

5. Orlando, FL

6. Phoenix, AZ

7. San Diego, CA

8. Orange County

9. Chicago, IL

10. Portland, OR

Portland saw a 14% year over year lift in the median home price. Sacramento, California experienced a enormous 40% increase in local home prices. The top 24 city average was 16.2% year over year.

So these may all be great markets for considering wholesaling houses in now. However, it can also pay to look ahead to which markets will be seeing the largest increases over the next year or two.

Some of the factors to consider when scouting for the best home price appreciation include foreclosure activity, commercial real estate activity, job creation and popularity trends.

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