The Vital Need For A Network Marketing System

The Vital Need For A Network Marketing System

What is the greatest need for the great majority of network marketers around the world? More money you say? Well, that’s true but BEFORE that comes there is something else that the prospective successful networker needs to ask. It’s this:

‘How can I get people coming to me and asking to join me in my MLM business or wanting to buy my product or service?’

Nearly every person who has joined an MLM company in the past has been told that the way to build this business is to make a comprehensive list of all the people they know, friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues and then endeavour to introduce the product, service or business opportunity to them. If you’ve done MLM before you will have almost certainly have been by this list building course of action with your sponsor. But this presents a problem to most distributors and it’s this:

Most of us HATE to SELL!

Yes, it’s true around 85% of the population are resistant to sales people and also would hate to be salesmen. in addition this is exactly what they are being asked to become, SALES PEOPLE. No surprise the fall out rate in network marketing is so alarmingly high.

So here’s a suggestion that will almost certainly make the building of any MLM business that much more comfortable for the person who loves the rule of network marketing but has failed to enjoy the success they deserve:


Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well the idea is good but how do you do that? Plus, how can it be done for little or no cost?

Well, there are now many resources on the internet that can assist you in marketing yourself online and get people coming to you for help and sustain.

Here’s just a few examples:

Internet video sharing sites (You Tube, Daily Motion, Metacafe, Sclipo, Google Video, Blip TV)

Free web page and article creation sites (Squidoo, center Pages, EzineArticles)

Free web advertising sites (Craigs List, US Free Ads)

Social networking sites (My Space, Facebook, Yuwie)

These are just a few examples of FREE methods of promotion in order to get people coming to you.

So how do you do that? Well, you MUST offer people true value, something that can assistance them without any cost to them but that will give them real help. It could be a free ebook that gives them advice on building their business. It could be a link to recorded conference call that gives great advice on building their business, remaining positive or a great tip for retailing products or sets. It could be a link to a free piece of software that will help them in running their online marketing campaigns. Anything that gives them value without any cost to them will certainly help to build a good relationship with them. This in turn may rule to a business building relationship in the future.

2008 will certainly observe a great explosion in the use of these promotional methods,especially the use of internet video and what is called Web 2.0 technology. By employing some of the methods mentioned above you can start to attract the right sort of people to your network marketing business.

Instead of having to drag people into your business, they will end up asking if they can work with you. That certainly is the preferred method for most people!

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