The Psychic Sales strength of E-Mail Marketing – Here’s How and Why E-Mai…

With the risk of creating visions of crystal balls with smoke and mirrors, e-mail marketing really does have a psychic strength. Understand that according to, a psychic strength pertains to some ‘seemingly nonphysical force’. Now that may sound like magic, but in fact it is not. Here is why e-mail marketing provides that ‘psychic’ and non physical strength over your prospects.

E-Mail Marketing Gets Prospects to Know, Trust and Like You: in spite of if you believe it or not, it is an ‘intangible’ fact that your prospects will not commit their hard earned dollars to you until they get to know, trust and like you. To do that, simply keep in touch with your prospects; provide the helpful information they are looking for; proportion the product knowledge that you have. Show your prospects that you are their ‘go-to’ person in your market.

E-Mail Marketing Builds Relationships: You trade on the strength of the relationship you build with your prospects. Think about when you look for a product or service and you ask your friends and family if they ‘know’ anyone in that business. In fact, you are asking those people if they ‘have a relationship’ with anyone that could help you. Well, it’s important enough for you to consider when making a buy. Don’t you think your prospects think the same way? Of course they do. They do business with people that they have developed a relationship with. It really is that simple.

E-Mail Marketing Lets You Remind People: If you have kids, you know that a simple potential of a special outing will cause them to regularly remind you. They say things like ‘Dad, you didn’t forget about our trip, did you?’ or ‘Mom, we’re nevertheless going, aren’t we?’ They do that because they know their chances of getting what they want increases with continued reminders. The same applies to your e-mail marketing campaigns. I didn’t say you have to be a proverbial ‘pain’, but e-mail marketing gives you that rare opportunity to remind your prospects. Remind them about how you can help them. Remind them about your new products. Just remind them of who you are and what you do. You too stand a better chance of getting what you want.

Now that is psychic strength. Although it’s non physical, when you build and forge relationships with your prospects, they too would ask ‘where else would I go?’ When asked if they ‘know’ somebody in the business, they are left with no other choice but to say ‘yes’! Utilize this psychic strength of e-mail marketing to help increase sales and profits! Good luck!

Live, Love and Profit from your Passion; Otherwise it’s just another job!

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