The Most shared Types of Personal Injury Claims

When an accident happens and it is not your fault at all, take ease in knowing that you can truly file a claim against the person responsible for your injuries. typically, the claim will first be filed with the insurance company that is used by the negligent party. However, you will need to be diligent in following up with them and you will also need to document your injuries, you need the evidence of the accident, and you need proof of financial damages that was incurred. In most situations, the insurance company will proceed to offer a settlement quickly to close the file but often at a lower price, and you could also be denied of a settlement completely.

With situations that involves negligence; it is often difficult to file a claim as the case will not be strong and hard to prove. Your best bet would be to hire a personal injury lawyer to manager the case for you. Below are some examples of the most shared personal injury claims:

1. Slip and fall claims: This would be the most shared kind of claim, also known as premises liability and is often filed against homeowners, businesses or local governments, depending on who owns the character that caused the injury. Being the owner of such premises, you should always make sure that the grounds are safe for those around. Floors, parking spaces and walking areas should always be clear of any hazards to avoid people from injuring themselves and later filing suits against you to claim compensation for their personal injuries.

2. means accidents: This is also the most shared kind of accident especially if you consider the number of anything with wheels such as cars, bicycles, motorcycles and also the pedestrians in the country. When involved in an accident with a means, the insurance company will conduct their own recorded investigations to get both sides of the story. Often times they will try and get you to let in that you too contributed to the accident. This way, their client will be half off the hook and since you admitted that you too might have contributed to the accident, you will not get much compensation or any at all. So, always be careful of what you say to them.

3. Medical Malpractices and worker’s compensation: You can file a medical malpractice claim if your doctor has been negligent in diagnosing your illness and treating it. As for worker’s compensation, you can make a claim if you have been injured on or during the job. This is most often the case for construction and manufacturing workers as their working ecosystem is not the safest place to be.

No matter what kind of claims you are making, you will first have to deal with the insurance companies. If for any reason you are denied a claim or a settlement, or the amount given is too low to cover your bills, you can pursue your case with the help of a personal injury lawyer by filing a lawsuit against the guilty party.

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