The Growth Of Conference Calling

The Growth Of Conference Calling

Conference calling is the name given to the time of action of making a phone call with at the minimum three persons. Hence the name “conference”.

In the past, conference calls were arranged by having more than one phone line or having a PBX box, calling everyone from one “great number” and connecting all the calls together.

With the arrival of internet, creating and sustaining audio conference calls have become much easier and affordable: Now you can position an audio conference call with virtually anybody on earth at seemingly no cost. VoIP technologies provide us with the tools and the infrastructure needed to make a call to any other VoIP device, or already landlines, mobile phones.

One of the adio conference calling giants is Skype. They offer free service all around the world. Other VoIP giants include AT&T and Cisco.

Business conference calling is another matter. Business conference calls require privacy, sometimes already encryption. Business-to-business conference calls are the easiest way to do business all around the world. And think of it, with business conference calls, you’re not limited to only audio, you can use video conference calling options too!

With business conference calling, you can talk confront to confront with your business contacts, set up conferences with your offices all around the world: make science fiction reality.

To make quality business conference calling work, you’d better sign up with a service provider to ensure the quality will always be top-notch –which is not the case by using the standard internet infrastructure. They’ll help you raise the quality of your business conference calls and make sure that no problems happen in the middle of a meeting.

Before applying for a conference call service, you must check their service quality in many ways. Ask them to offer you a demonstration first. They will probably come to your office, set up a demo system and make calls to somewhere. It will probably go smoothly. All displays do. But it will help you eliminate at the minimum the worst — the ones that can’t already set up a proper demonstration.

Then throw yourself to Google’s arms and search user forums, customer feedback sites for complaints about VoIP – Conference calling companies. You will be amazed by the thoroughness and breadth of the complaints all around the internet.

Since we are nevertheless “struggling” with technology instead of “using” it, nothing about technology is flawless. There WILL be problems. The question is “how often”.

A big company like cisco or att, will probably provide the best service, meaning “the service with minimal problems”. But of course, they will charge a bigger price for it. Smaller companies will provide you with a little bit more troubled service but the price will change consequently too.

So what you need to do is compile a list of your needs, compare it to the provider’s features, search the internet for problems about what you need and then find the balance between cost and performance.

Of course, if you have a million dollar budget to set up the system, just go for the giants to be safe.

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