The Future of Electricity – Electricity in Future

The Future of Electricity – Electricity in Future

Our lives have changed so much because of electricity. What would electricity in future be?
Let us look at some of the projections by the experts.

Wireless Electricity?
So many electrical appliances we use have become wireless. Can electricity itself be wireless? If it could then the house would be uncluttered and it would be great fun! Experts feel it will. It is reported that at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology experiments for wireless electricity have been successful. So that dream of totally wireless world may come by sooner than we thought; our electrical appliances will start charging themselves off the air!

You- the Controller
Wouldn’t it be nice if you, and not somebody in the utility company, controlled the electricity you receive? You will be the controller for you’re your own electricity in future. You would use what you want, when you want and not be bothered about some mandatory charges already when you go on a vacation. Experts assure us that those days are coming – may be not closest, but they will come, they say!

Clean Energy
You know that at present most of the electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels and this results in a great deal of carbon dioxide being released in the air polluting it. We are running out of these fossil fuels very fast. Future electricity will be produced by using non-polluting, replaceable supplies leading to a cleaner ecosystem. Future electricity will be “green” and clean electricity! One up for the healthy electricity in future!

All Electric Future
The world is turning “all electric”! except all the traditional electrical gadgets now we have electric shavers, electric bicycles and electric cars! Can you imagine what the future holds for you? Well, visit the futuristic shops at Akihabara in Japan and have a peek at the “electric future”. You will be hindered to see electric combs, toothbrushes, glasses and already electric clothes! That’s your electricity in future!

Out with Outages
With the all-electric future, strength outages will be nightmarish. It will be like the end of life. Don’t despair! Experts tell us that in future with alternate strength solutions there will be no strength outages. Look forward to outages being out!

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