Termites Are Invading My House

You notice the occasional flaking of the paint in your house. You may already spy a pile of what looks like shredded wood piling up along your wall. You think nothing of this until you spy a creature emerging out of your wall. You take a closer look and are hindered as it appears to be a termite. You come to the grim conclusion that your house is infested with termites, now comes the hard part of getting rid of the termites.

Termites are wood boring animals which method they will “drill” into wood and build nests there. The most shared kind of termite that invades peoples homes are called subterranean termites. These termites live underground until they find a appropriate area to make there home. This is why most termite infestation start at the basement level. The termite underground find your home and then start to build nests in the wood. The termites will begin to build elaborate chambers in your wood, which could cause some very big problems. If you allow the termites to burrow into your wood unimpeded then they could cause some major structural damage to your house. In fact there have been numerous reports where termite damage has caused a collapse of wooden structures. This is why it is important for you to attack the infestation before they can gain a foothold in your home.

Before modern pest control products were obtainable to the product you would have to call an exterminator if you wanted to take control of a pest infestation. Unfortunately exterminators would charge you a small fortune just to come out and survey your home, that not already including taking care of the problem. Fortunately for you now a days you can travel to your local hardware store and find a termite control product that works. However the termite treatment option that I find the best is called orange oil termite treatment. This treatment option is great as you don’t have to call in an exterminator to use it, and consequently it is much cheaper than any different. With this termite killer all you do is place the orange oil around where you believe the termites have build their nests. The second a termite comes into contact with the orange oil there body systems will be overwhelmed with the chemicals and stop working; killing the termite in its tracks. So before you go calling an exterminator that will surely cost you an arm and a leg I suggest giving orange oil termite treatment a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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