Termidor Versus Sentricon – Tips To Choose The Best Termite Treatment

Termidor Versus Sentricon – Tips To Choose The Best Termite Treatment

The argue Between Termidor Termite Treatment And Sentricon

The argue on both the Termidor termite treatment and the Sentricon treatment , both of which are popular in treating termite infestation keeps going on in the pest control business.

In the Sentricon method, bait stations are placed around the house. These are then observed by the Company and if termites are sighted, poison is used instead of wood bait and this should eliminate the complete colony. Sentricon is environmentally friendly, but professionals are not thoroughly sure of its effectiveness.

The Termidor system, however, provides chemicals in the soil around the house. This is not really unhealthy to people and costs around $50/- more than Sentricon at the start, but if you take a contract for the year which covers supervision and additional applications if required, it comes to $150/- less than Sentricon.

Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Termidor And Sentricon

It is true that Sentricon is environmentally friendly and could be used in the elimination of termite infestation. But it must be remembered that it is not as effective – there seem to be chemicals that are far more effective in the market. So far as Termidor is concerned, chemicals are in the soil and in the yard right around your house. This does not sit well with many people as they should not be exposed to any kind of chemicals and on these grounds alone, they would reject the use of Termidor.

Looking at the pros and cons of both these chemicals, the choice could be confusing. It is not possible to persuade anyone that one or the other is the right choice – it depends on the individual and the way he looks at the situation. If you believe in an eco-friendly air and dislike being exposed to any kind of chemicals, you will naturally go for Sentricon in spite of of the fact that it is less effective than other chemicals. But, if you are concerned about destroying the termite infestation permanently and consequently saving your home from untold damage, you would probably go for Termidor which is highly effective.

While making a choice you will need to consider the pros and cons and decide whether you want to be exposed to chemicals in the area surrounding your home in spite of of the fact that the termite infestation is effectively dealt with or whether you choose to have an eco-friendly ecosystem already if the termite treatment is not as effective and may need to be redone. The choice is thoroughly yours – so far as debates are concerned, it will go on and you may get involved in it but the final decision is thoroughly up to you.

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