Streamline Your Interoffice Communications With Unified Communications…

Whether you’re in a small office or a large corporate building, interoffice communications with your co-workers can be confusing. While you’re trying to streamline task management and customer service by memos and phone service features, you may find that the paper clutter and countless phone extensions cause more frustration than organization for you and your team.

Let’s say, for example, the CEO requested that you set up a 1:00 conference call with him and three other associates. At 12:30, your supervisor slides you a handwritten observe about budget issues to address in this conference. Aside from the fact that you’re barely able to decipher his writing, you now need forms from Shirley, the finance manager, who’s up on the fifth floor.

You’re already pressed for time. Should you misplace your how-to conference call manual or forget any associate’s extension, you won’t have the meeting up and running at 1:00. The stress from this kind of last-minute notice is often unavoidable in the workplace, but you can greatly minimize it with the help of a company chat browser interface.

This interface is a combination of moment messaging and phone sets that allows you and your co-workers to communicate quickly and easily-all from one place. Forget about extensions and messages. With company chat, you can click to call each other, drag calls over from one person to another, and listen to your voicemail.

Using this service, Shirley can proportion the finance forms with you by any document sharing app and IM you the link. Perhaps your supervisor would’ve typed you a quick observe, too, saving both time and paper clutter. If you receive an incoming call during your conference with Shirley, you can simply drag and drop it over to another co-worker if they too are online.

The interface shows which staff members are online and obtainable, so it’s easier to know in improvement that the call you just transferred isn’t sitting in limbo or headed to voicemail.

Click to call the CEO and three associates, without dialing extensions and placing people on keep up. If they too need to see the finance forms, you can similarly proportion the document with them. A chat program that streamlines phone, IM, and presence all with the simplicity of an interactive browser interface can prove highly useful for businesses.

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