Stopping a Foreclosure During a Divorce Settlement

If you are trying to settle divorce issues, financial needs will definitely surface especially if you and your ex-spouse want an equal division of conjugal assets. It seems that in this division of assets, your old home will be a bit of a problem. Releasing total equity of your home would require you to sell it. And because each of you would want to get on with your separate lives as soon as possible, having a quick sale is the solution.

But the way to a quick sale does not always come smoothly especially with little knowledge of character sales. A soon to be divorced associate who is new to the whole real estate jargon, more often than not, fall victims to the foreclosure spiral.

Let’s talk about mortgage before we go on to the foreclosure spiral. To most neophytes in the real estate arena, mortgages appear to be the only method of getting the fast cash to hasten a divorce settlement. The thing about mortgages is that you do get the fast cash and keep the ownership of your home at that but the fast cash comes in the form of a loan. This loan is usually payable on a monthly basis with the addition of tax and interest payments. Sometimes you would end up paying more than the sum you’ve borrowed; hence you lose more money in the long run. The danger about mortgages is with the monthly interest payments. They could, at best, stay the same, and at worst, go up. But in whichever case, there are nevertheless unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances that could affect your ability to pay these dues. One could be the loss of a job, for example. Losing your job will definitely affect your capacity to pay your mortgage dues and in the event that you are unable to meet the requirements set forth in your mortgage deal, you could fall prey to the foreclosure spiral.

What is the foreclosure spiral, you may ask. A foreclosure usually starts when you are unable to pay your monthly mortgage bills. When this happens, the bank or lender files a appeal for a foreclosure and legal proceedings will be held. This is a legal strategy that edges or lenders use to acquire the lost money in a defaulted loan. Simply put, because you are unable to return the cash, they take your house instead.

Among the various foreclosure options you will find out there, the safest and easiest is selling your old home to Cashout Options. Cashout Options is a California-based company that purchases single-family and multi-family homes throughout the state. Unlike other companies that are finicky when it comes to what character to buy, Cashout Options purchases various kinds of similarities, already rundown, dilapidated ones found in poorer neighborhoods. Believe it or not, the company also purchases homes that are in danger of repossession because of them! Because Cashout Options cares for its customers, it provides foreclosure assistance that will help you in stopping them. Its experts will provide you with vital information and various solutions that would fit your situation. They run things on a case to case basis so they could provide you with fitting foreclosure help.

If you want to avoid them, you should learn not to commit the neophyte’s shared mistake of hiring some real estate agent to list your character for sale in the open market. This not only allows the probability of foreclosures but also delays equity release since it takes months to years for your character to sell. With Cashout Options, you are guaranteed to prevent them and at the same time sell your character for as quickly as 48 hours. All you need to do is fill out an online sellers form found in the company’s website: or contact the company’s local affiliate. The company will estimate your situation and contact you in 48 hours to 7 days.

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