Steps to Prevent Termites and sharp Insects

Steps to Prevent Termites and sharp Insects

Termites and sharp insects are indeed small creatures, but they are of great nuisance value to many homeowners. Mice and cockroaches can make cooking in the kitchen a nightmarish experience, and sharp insects like fleas, bedbugs, spiders, mosquitoes and some tiny flies can already constitute a health danger.

Home owners who want to get rid of the problem of termites and sharp insects must learn to keep their garden and surroundings clean. Stagnant water may appear seemingly harmless, but it is here most insects and pests and particularly mosquitoes copy.

After every rainfall, you must take additional care to see there are no pools of stagnant water anywhere near or around your house which, if unattended, can become a mosquito paradise. Make sure you create a proper rain water drainage system to permanently prevent water collection.

There are insecticide products obtainable in the market that you can apply particularly in the unprotected parts of your garden in addition as inside the house to prevent insects from breeding. Checking these areas regularly to ensure there are no termites or sharp insects is basic.

Make it a point to regularly check the inner in addition as exterior walls of your house for fractures and crevices as these openings are an open invitation for all types of termites and sharp insects. These fractures and crevices must be sealed as soon as you notice them.

It will be a wise move to spray the perimeter of your house, floor skirts, windows, doors and the base of the foundation, with a chemical obstacle to prevent crawling insects from wandering at your threshold and afterward invading the inside of your house.

Spraying a bit of boric acid or boric powder all over your bathroom and toilet floors particularly during nights will prevent sharp insects, mice, rodents and cockroaches and other pests from visiting the area. However, be careful with the boric acid if you have children and pets inside the house.

Some people have found useful bug zappers that attract insects and provide a jolt of electricity to exterminate them – though their efficiency is nevertheless a matter of doubt. If the problem is acute and you are not able to get rid of the menace of termites and pests, it is prudent to summon a pest control specialized for a wholesome pesticide treatment of your house. The pest control experts work with bug control products in addition as some commonly known toxic chemicals.

There are several things you can do to prevent sharp insects and other garden pests from laying eggs inside or in the vicinity of your house. For example, keeping your garden clean and free from stagnant water and accumulation of filth would average that the pests and insects and other creatures will be empty of proper place to lay their eggs.

Long grasses too are areas where insects can lay eggs and hence make sure that the grasses are trimmed at regular intervals and there are no bushes or wild patches inside your garden and surrounding your house.

To sum up, it is not too difficult to prevent termites and sharp insects from getting into your house if you are willing to use a little time every week for maintenance and pest prevention work.

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