Start Internet Marketing Business With a Blog

Start Internet Marketing Business With a Blog

If you would like to start your internet marketing business, without having a domain with web hosting service, you might need to start with a free and simple way – blog.

With the turn up of Web2.0 or Weblog, in short Blog, every one can have his own webpage, without paying for the web hosting service. The only difference is you nevertheless do not have the complete ownership like owning a domain. Nevertheless, blog nevertheless permit user to write, upload picture and video.

To start, you may need to consider which kind of blog service you like. I would like to only introduce 3 here – blogger, wordpress and typepad.

Blogger is one of the most shared and easiest blog service to start off with, it is owned by Google, once you sign in your Google account, you will automatically sign in to your blogger account in addition. It is simple to use, with all plug and play method, you can master the art of blogging within few hours.

WordPress is a more improvement version blog service, just like blogger, you can easily choose any template you like. The concept is just like blogger, add your widgets with plug and play method. Nevertheless, WordPress permit you to upgrade to better characterize, like custom CSS, more storage space, unlimited private user and etc with small amount of cost. You can have your blog parking at your domain address from WordPress in addition.

Last to mention – kind Pad, though it is not free service like the above two, it comes with great sets and rare characterize. Typepad has its own SEO – search engine optimized technique that make your blog easily found by searcher, you can measure your blog traffic without using a third party counter, and typepad is partnered with Amazon, eBay and Pay pal to make you earn money faster by blogging.

That’s all, make your choice and start making money by blogging! Always blog with your passion!
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