Starcraft 2 Review – Top 10 Uncommon Tricks In Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 Review – Top 10 Uncommon Tricks In Starcraft 2

This Starcraft 2 review discloses the top 10 tricks every good Starcraft 2 player should have in his arsenal (where applicable).

10) Burrow:

Burrow simply needs to be used more. Being able to set traps and hide your units from drops and other attacks shouldn’t be underrated. Fork out that 100 minerals and 100 gas and work this sweet ability into your zerg play.

9) Fungal Growth:

Fungal growth is an extremely powerful ability that needs to see already more play than it already does. Doing 36 damage over time and holding units in place, this ability is highly useful to be used in combination with banelings, ultralisks, and zerglings. In addition, it can be used in team games to keep up enemies outside the range of siege tanks, or to keep up them in place for a psionic storm to tear them all to pieces!

8) Guardian protect:

Guardian protect is cast by your sentries- and decreases the damage of all incoming projectiles by 2! This ability makes your army all but invincible versus marines and does wonders against hydralisks, stalkers, battlecruisers, and is nevertheless useful against pretty much any other ranged unit.

7) Seeker Missile:

This is probably my personal favorite ability; so I’m showing some favoritism by putting it on this list. Watching this little boy go beep, beep expansion! (as the achievement says) just makes my eyes tear with joy, and with a small investment of 150 minerals and 150 gas your ravens can be casting this sweet spell too!

6) Snipe:

Snipe deals 45 damage to any biological unit in spite of of armor. It can be shot off in quick series and can do wonders versus any biological army. Try microing ghosts in your next TvZ and watch your opponent scream in horror as his units pop immediately upon entering battle.

5) Phoenix + Graviton Beam

The Phoenix is an ultra-fast, attack while it moves unit that can be used for a multitude of different responsibilities-from harassing workers to picking off straggling army units. Also, it can be used to break siege tank fortifications with ease, attack any overlords that are too far from home, and put up a good fight against any light-armored air unit. This unit requires a bit more micro than most to use, but good use of it will make you surprise why you have never built one before.

4) lasting Materials Upgrade:

The lasting materials upgrade increases the amount of time that auto-turrets, point defense drones, and seeker missiles last. If you are using ravens, this upgrade is so crucial because it effectively decreases the amount of energy it costs to drop a turret. Underused, defiantly, underrated, almost certainly. Try this upgrade in your next T game and watch your opponents confused looks as that point defense drone you dropped for the first fight is nevertheless there and complete energy for the second fight.

3) Hallucination

I have talked before about how useful hallucination can be in meaningful battles, and how it can be used to easily scout your opponents bases. Using hallucinate will cause your opponents to waste crucial damage on insignificant illusions, and with good micro you can already convince them to chase a unit that isn’t really there!

2) Warp Prism + Gravetic excursion Upgrade:

The Warp Prism is the Protoss’s dropship. The gravetic excursion upgrade nearly doubles its speed. In addition to being a dropship, it can create a psy field to strength unpowered buildings OR to warp in units onto the battlefield. The warp prism seems to be rarely used and the upgrade is almost never gotten. Warp prisms with the speed upgrade can easily create difficult tactical situations for your opponents to deal with, as you will be able to insert your army all over the map with ease.

1) Contaminate:

This ability is SO underused and SO underrated that if you search, “Contaminate SC2” in a Google image search, you don’t truly see any images of a polluted building. That being said, this ability has numerous amazing applications, and can turn the tide of a game in your favor fairly easily when used properly. Here’s the exact specifics of what Contaminate does: It stops production or research out of a targeted building.

Here are some examples of what it can and cannot do:

  • Stops the naturally occurring larva from spawning
  • Stops the timer for spawning naturally occurring larva
  • Stop the larva from create larva from being spewed out of the hatchery.
  • Stops queens from spawning or researching technologies.
  • Does not stop vomit timer from ticking down.
  • Does not stop hatcheries from morphing.

So how can you use this ability to win you a game? When you attack your opponent, contaminate their production buildings and they will not be able to reinforce their army. If you are reinforcing, and they are not, simply win the battle and you’ve won the war!

Having read this Starcraft 2 review, you’re now ready to take it to the next level.

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