Some Popular Types of Parties

Some Popular Types of Parties

A special event deserve a party

We usually attend parties to celebrate some event. consequently we have birthday celebrations, graduation dinners, wedding receptions, happenings to welcome relatives and friends who come home after a long stint oversea and happenings to send off people who are going oversea. Young gentlemen and ladies celebrate their eighteenth birthday with a debut party to signify their coming out into society.

Parties to celebrate friendships

Some celebrations may be given for no special event at all. These are usually called ‘get-togethers’ and are usually organized by a group of friends for no better reason than that they enjoy each other’s company. These are often planned for the weekends when everyone is free from work. Food is provided for in ‘potluck’ style where everyone dishes in his favorite recipe.

Lively music and dance parties

Young people and adults alike love music and dance occasions. Music brings out the fun-lover in everyone. Music can be played in the living room where the guests gather prior to and after the party meal. The kind of music played can set the mood and background for the party. It also provides a good stimulation for the conversation.

Many people clam up in a room that is silent. That is probably because they are shy about their opinions and prefer to talk when what they have to say won’t attract that much attention. Music is a good way to get your guests interacting But if you really want to thaw out everyone out, get them to dance to the music.

Dinner parties

Dinners are usually on the more formal side. The term has always been associated with candlelight, elegant dresses and silverware. This kind of party is usually given to honor important guests, relatives and close friends. Businessmen may honor their associates with one. Most birthday parties for adults turn out to be dinners.

The food may be served on a long banquet table for formal celebrations. however, for semi-formal dinners, food will usually be placed on a long buffet table. Guests are provided with round or square table, restaurant style, on which to place their food and drinks.

Potluck parties

Sometimes, all the great number will provide is the place to keep up the party and the dining accessories needed. The guests themselves bring along food. Each guest brings enough food to go around. The menu for this party is decided long before and everyone is either stated or volunteers to cook something. This kind of party is functional for community events with the venue of the party in church or in a community hall.

Gender related party themes

There are also celebrations exclusively for ladies or exclusively for men. ‘Hen’ occasions are usually organized by clubs which are dedicated to activities, goods and sets associated with women. for example, knitting clubs, companies that sell women’s lingerie and beauty products may great number hens to promote their activities or products. ‘Stag’ happenings are usually drinking parties with food served smorgasbord style. These can be organized for no other reason than to enjoy the evening with friends.

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