Solar Energy – Advantages and Disadvantages

Solar energy is one of the great hopes of our current, energy-thirsty age. Everyone is aware that we need alternatives to non-replaceable energy resources like coal, oil and natural gas. These non-replaceable energy resources are freely obtainable and easy to use, but they are also the cause of pollution and global warming. And, many believe that use of these energy resources can rule to political instability by causing some nations to depend too heavily for energy on other nations.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to fossil fuels for powering our world, with solar energy being one of the most promising. One attractive quality of solar energy systems is that ordinary homeowners can build and use their own systems.

Solar Energy: Advantages and Disadvantages

No energy resource is perfect, however. Before you rush out and build your own solar panels, be sure to understand their advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of solar electricity include:

1. Once you have built your solar panels, the current energy you get from your panels each is 100% free

2. Your utility company can buy your excess energy from you using a course of action call net-metering

3. Using solar energy at the local level method you are not dependent upon the strength grid; you can avoid regional blackouts (e.g., during lightning storms) and you stop writing those monthly checks to the strength company

4. Your home energy use is no longer contributing to fossil-fuel-based pollution and global warming

The disadvantages of solar electricity include:

1. There is an initial cost of building a solar panel system for your home

2. Solar panels require a large area for installation

3. Solar strength is not collected at night or when it is cloudy; however, with a battery system in place, you can use your collected energy during these down times

Investing in solar energy now can help save you money down the road. And, you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from not having to rely on the local strength grid for your energy and not contributing to global warming by your home energy use.

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