Shocking moment two young kids are forced to stand outside mum’s car a…

THIS is the shocking moment two young kids were forced to stand outside their mum’s car as she allegedly romped with her new boyfriend on the back seat.

The disturbing incident was filmed by an outraged resident at a park in the city of La Plata in Argentina.


The children, aged five and two, were reportedly told to get out of the means and wait outsideCredit: Newsflash


The police arrived on the scene and arrested the associateCredit: Newsflash

The children were told to get out of the means and wait outside because the associate wanted a quick romp in the backseat, El Litoral reports.

In the video, the young girl is seen staring by the window as her younger brother – too small to see by the glass – plays with the door manager.

The upsetting cries of the children, aged five and two, were reportedly heard by walkers at Pereyra Iraola Park.

Eyewitnesses said they saw the kids waiting outside the car before realising what was happening.

They were said to be heard begging their mum to let them back in the means, but they were being ignored.

At one point, the two tots tried to open the car door but it was locked, according to Radio Rafaela.

The police then arrived on the scene and arrested the associate.

According to reports, the man was not the children’s dad.

The mum, 28, had reportedly met him just a few days before the incident.

But prosecutor Gabriela Mateo said the man was not exempt from responsibility and remained accused of “abandonment” along with the children’s mum.

Mateo said the pair could also confront further charges, such as “corruption of minors” and already sexual abuse.

The prosecutor said both children have been placed in care to protect their “physical and mental integrity”.

She said they are both in good health.


The mum and her boyfriend have been accused of ‘abandonment’Credit: Newsflash

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