Sell Your Product Without Making the Interview Sound Like a Sales Pitc…

How can you sell your information product without making your audio interview sound too much like a sales pitch? You want to make sure and give them value in your interview. Answer the questions that you think they want to know. Have it be something that you know the people targeted are interested in. Make it interesting and useful.

You also want to make it easy for them to buy the product or try it. Offer them a money back guarantee or free trial, and don’t sound like a sales pitch. You don’t really get anyone to buy anything. People decide to buy, or they choose to buy. So, your information is in front of someone with a certain level of need, and I think the way you conduct that interview will have a reaction on what that level of need is and how likely they are to decide to pay for your product or service.

So, you’re never going to get anyone to buy from an interview if they’re not a prospect in the first place. If they’re not a prospect in the first place, there’s probably a pretty good chance they’re not listening. If they are there and listening, there is a very good chance they will be interested in buying.

But make sure to avoid the things that will deter them from buying. These things could include,a poor quality interview, frequent interruptions of the interviewee, bad sound quality of the audio, or someone hard to understand with a thick accent. If you avoid these mistakes and make your interview of value to your prospects, you will sell!

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