Search Adoption Records – Perform an Adoption Records Search in Minutes

Search Adoption Records – Perform an Adoption Records Search in Minutes

How to perform an adoption records search is something that many people will find themselves asking. Adoptions are on the rise, with nearly a quarter of a million couples in the US adopting children each year. ultimately, many of those children are going to want to know about their birth parents.

Unfortunately, this easier said than done. Because adoption is such a deeply personal and intensely private issue, the records are not particularly easy to access. If your birth parents are interested in finding their biological children, you may have an easier time of it. Here are some steps to get you started:

Step One

Consult a national adoption registry. These exist for the only purpose of enabling birth parents and children to reunite. If you are over eighteen, then all you need to do is go into your complete name and social security number. If you’re lucky, this will give you the information you want. If not…

Step Two

Search Adoption records by state and county registries. There is at the minimum one for each state, and if you know where you were born, this can be a good place to get the records you’re looking for. You’ve already had some practice at how to perform an adoption records search in step one, so this should be easy, but if that doesn’t work…

Step Three

At this point, if you haven’t found the information you need, you’ve basically got two options:

o Hire a Private Detective – Many private investigators truly specialize in this, and they are often able to track down and access information you may not. This can be expensive though, so it may be saved as option of last resort.

o Search Adoption Records Online – This will basically give you much of the same information that a detective will be able to give, so you don’t really need to know how to perform an adoption records search. Just punch in your information and you can get the records in second for a fraction of the time or money involved in the other methods.

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