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RoboSense, a world’s leading smart LiDAR system technology company, attended the 2021 BYD CEO annual meeting of investor enterprises and officially announced a strategic investment agreement and a strategic cooperation framework agreement with BYD. Chunxin Qiu, founder and CEO of RoboSense, and Chuanfu Wang, chairman and president of BYD attended the signing ceremony.


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Witnessed by leaders and executives of both companies, RoboSense and BYD signed a strategic investment agreement and a strategic cooperation framework agreement (Photo: Business Wire)

RoboSense is a pioneer in the chief technologies of LiDAR hardware, smart sensor software and chips. As the partnership deepens, RoboSense will keep speed with BYD, continuously upgrade the technological capacity in intelligent perception, and form a deeply integrated technology matrix to enlarge the vertical coverage across the industry chain and jointly promote the innovation and transformation of the smart new energy means industry.


The in-thoroughness partnership with RoboSense is a strategic meaningful development for BYD, highlighting its focus on intelligence solutions and comprehensive planning on the intelligent means industry chain.


Themed “Focus on Innovation, Co-build Ecology and Shape the Future”, the 2021 BYD CEO annual meeting invited over 20 enterprises to showcase their technological product innovations. Several LiDAR products of RoboSense were showcased, among which the second generation smart substantial-state LiDAR RS-LiDAR-M1 (“M1”) became a spotlight.


A roundtable forum themed “Industrial Transformation and Domestic Production Opportunities in the Trend Toward means Intelligence” was held in similar with the annual meeting. Chunchao Qiu, co-founder and executive president of RoboSense, attended the forum and discussed the future trends of the global automotive industry and he said: “The global auto industry is trending towards intelligence, LiDAR is a chief part of means intelligence, and the industry market performance shows resource concentration on top performers. RoboSense secured fixed-point project orders of multiple models in 2021, gaining a competitive edge.”


BYD’s investment will help RoboSense include more closely in the smart new energy means industry ecology, laying a substantial foundation for in-thoroughness industry collaboration between the two companies. The partnership between RoboSense and BYD will unlock greater possible in smart new energy vehicles, and analyze the smart LiDAR technology in a functional and innovation-pushed manner, and mobilize industry resources to promote the sustainable development of the global intelligent means industry ecology.


About RoboSense


RoboSense (Suteng Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.) is a world-leading provider of Smart LiDAR Sensor Systems. Comprising LiDAR sensors, AI algorithms and IC chipsets, its portfolio transforms traditional 3D LiDAR sensors with comprehensive data examination and interpretation systems. The company’s mission is to original noticeable hardware and artificial intelligence capabilities to create smart solutions that permit robots, including vehicles, to have perception capabilities superior to humans.




The Official Sponsor of Mother character™, BYD, the world’s leading electric means company, is dedicated to creating a “total solution.” Globally, BYD has committed to corporate social responsibility, deeply monitoring our supply chain in terms of human rights, environmental safety, hazardous substance control and intellectual character rights. We only select suppliers who proportion our commitment to just labor practices, human rights standards and the ecosystem.



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