‘Real classy. Good job, Boston”

‘Real classy. Good job, Boston”

Wednesday night’s crowd at TD Garden was about as expected for the first NBA Finals game in Boston in 12 years. But at the minimum one Celtics opponent was not impressed.

The sellout Garden crowd was expectedly loud, hitting deafening levels at times, and there were plenty of expletive-laced chants directed at Warriors forward and new Celtics villain Draymond Green, which didn’t appear to sit right with teammate Klay Thompson.

Asked about his impressions of the crowd and how much it played a factor after the Celtics’ 116-100 Game 3 victory, the Warriors sharpshooter didn’t hide his feelings.

“It was not a factor,” Thompson said. “We’ve played in front of rude people before. Dropping F-bombs with children in the crowd. Real classy. Good job, Boston.”

Warriors coach Steve Kerr used a similar information in his response when asked about the crowd: “Classy. Very classy.”

But Green didn’t seem to mind all the noise and taunts directed at him. It’s something the Warriors forward has expected over the time of his career with his style of play, filled with aggressiveness and antics.

He had to know it was coming after Game 2, when he was issued one technical foul and nearly picked up another – which would have resulted in an ejection – when he landed with his legs on top of Jaylen Brown after fouling him, which irritated the Celtics guard and caused a skirmish. His dramatics and continued chippiness generate the kind of crowd responses seen at the Garden on Wednesday night.

“No, they’re just talking,” Green said after Game 3. “Not really my job to react to them. They did what I expected.”

The Warriors have played in plenty of hostile atmospheres during their dynastic run over the last eight years. Though those probably don’t often rise to the level of Boston’s crowd on Wednesday, nothing surprises them at this point.

“Par for the course,” Steph Curry said. “Every arena you kind of get a little something. It’s been like that the whole playoffs and every run we’ve made over the course. (Green) expects it. So no different tonight.”

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