Radionic Treatments Cure Cancer

Radionic Treatments Cure Cancer

Dual Dimensions working Together.

We live in a world where Macro Systems and Micro Systems work together to keep stability and however allow evolution. The Macro Systems of Circulation, Muscle etc, continue a Homeostatic Stability where adjustments occur comparatively slowly. while, the Micro Systems of Cells and Biochemistry is dynamic and changing by the millisecond. The Macro aspect is designed to keep a comparatively stable ecosystem and function. The Micro Systems are where the minute biochemical interactions allow drastic adjustments to occur in our smaller systems. It is also where the little experimental biochemical combinations are given a ‘trial run’ to see how they fit in to the rest of the bodies biochemistry. This is how evolution keeps us ready for change, this is one of the roles of the Cancer Cell.

Evolution of Cancer.

Cancer Cells are an important part of the normal body function. Cancer Cells are made and circulate in the body every day. They travel around until they are identified by a healthy Immune System and destroyed. When the body becomes too burdened with toxins, poisons, rubbish and undigested food, it can not work as efficiently to seek out and remove Cancer Cells. The true story of how important these specialised cells are to us has not been explained and the true picture about health has been generally lost.

Misunderstanding Cancer.

Generally, when we have a healthy body, it is no surprise that there is no talk of Cancer. However, in our modern lifestyle, we have come to accept a high level of; bad eating, toxic air, chemicalised food and not knowing how to change this. Cancerous Growths are a direct indicator of an unhealthy poison-filled body. However, instead of focusing on getting the body healthy, we turn to Toxic Chemotherapy, and put more strain on our immune system. Our culture has come to a point now where there is so much miss information and uncertainty about Cancer. Have we lost our way?

Methods used before.

When I was young I would hear about people getting rid of Cancerous Growths by; diets, clean water, fasting, herbs, vitamins and already de-stressing. All of these things, and many more alternatives truly work. They worked in the old days because people copied what character did when ill. There was a lot more understanding about PREVENTION. Cancerous Growths are telling us that our bodies are TOO TOXIC and we need to clean out and ‘tune up’ our body systems. It’s that simple!. The choices we use to clean out our bodies is a personal one.

Radionic Treatments do it Natures Way.

Working with character is nevertheless best!. Using Radionics, the Potensied Energy Formula is directed by the Spleen Center. Initially, to see if the ‘stimulation’ is being received by the client, a higher than normal dosage rate is given for the first few days of treatment. Excessive Doses will affect the Throat Chakra and give the Client a persistent cough. Once this initial test is completed, the dosage rate is slightly reduced and the cough subsides quickly within twenty for hours. Regular monitoring via blood testing then will show that the ‘Intuitive Body Systems’ will automatically ‘know’; what to do and the correct order in which to do it, so that complete health can be restored. The response time for recovery will depend on; age, past lifestyle, location of the illness, present lifestyle, smoking and drinking habits and changes the Client is willing to make in diet, detox and exercise.

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