Quantum Sensing – Activating Your DNA for Success

Quantum Sensing – Activating Your DNA for Success

But first, let’s look at what’s going on. Let’s say you’ve explored your inner world quite extensively. You know all kinds of things about the law of allurement, manifestation, emotional and spiritual intelligence, and however you’re nevertheless not experiencing life and success in the way you could.

What were your goals a year ago for your life and work? What did you truly unprotected to? Why is it that most people don’t unprotected to the goals they set for themselves?

Its interesting that we often ‘know’ what we need to do next to get to the next level, but we don’t do it. Why is that? There is a genetic part for sure: there are aspects of our behavior that are passed down by genes, such as predisposition for depression or addiction of some kind. But contrary to what many believe, we can truly influence our DNA with our state of being. There is a whole branch of medicine called psycho-neuro-immunology, which studies the effect of thoughts and emotions on our biochemistry. The biochemistry is intimately connected with the DNA. A radically new understanding has emerged at the leading edge of cell science. We now know that the ecosystem, and more specifically, our perception (interpretation) of the ecosystem, directly controls the activity of our genes.

Much of our experience of success is also a consequence of programming based on ecosystem, family, school, etc, and the people we hang around with. Every time you have an experience, when you meet someone, read a book, learn a skill, you are creating new patterns in the brain. If, over time, those patterns are strengthened, they become beliefs.

Belief and habit causes you to see and do everything that matches the pattern we currently have in the brain. Once you are conditioned – for example, for a certain level of financial success – your brain will shut out anything that doesn’t match up with your current thinking patterns. In other words, you’ll miss opportunities because you literally can’t ‘see’ them.

Once these pre-programmed patterns and beliefs are in place, they run on auto-pilot and control our behaviors and results, already if you don’t know what these beliefs are. It takes methodic, conscious effort to change them, which explains why what we think and what we do are often so different, and why emotion often overrides reason.

This new understanding of human biology sees the body as far more than a mechanical object, and includes the role of a mind and spirit. And this is a huge breakthrough in healing on any level – physical, emotional, spiritual – because it demonstrates that when we change our perception or beliefs we send totally different messages to our cells and reprogram their activity.

This is all very exciting, and the possibilities are endless. It does take commitment, dedication, and patience, however. And this is why so many people fail to truly change – they fail to work systematically with their sub-consciousness drivers, and so ultimately give up. We’ve all experienced the euphoria of a workshop, retreat, new insight, or shift in consciousness, only to find within a few days (or less sometimes) we’re back where we started. The reason is that we didn’t work systematically to align our consciousness and to create and enhance new neural pathways in the brain that sustain those new insights.

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