Psychic Predictions and Intuitive Impressions of Break-Apart 2013

In 2013, paradigms break down and tradition doesn’t keep up, the same things don’t matter to people and they are able to “be real” about what’s meaningful now. Our collective concept of time is changing… now we are more present-centered, more with the goal of meeting each day in a mindful way than following New Year’s resolutions or some theoretical construct of what life’s supposed to be like. character is starkly revealing of the consequences of our individual or collective follies.

It really pays off to be determined and optimistic and assume you can plow ahead with at any rate’s new in your life-otherwise it is easy to get distributed by the flying debris of break-apart 2013. The end and the beginning are together… we all will be choosing what to pay attention to!

In early 2013, it’s advantageous to tick off the to-do list your goals and dreams generate. People can set themselves up to make more money in the beginning of the year.

Put yourself to work building something. This is not a good year to be in doubt and argue, but in action… see if something works by learning about it and trying it.

People are eager for new things and will quickly take people up on their quality offerings, innovations, and adaptations. Don’t be afraid to start a new business because there are so many of them. If you have a valuable offering, it can succeed!

(If 2013 were a person with an emotional character)“… how surprisingly relaxed it was! It was much less stressed than now, more in touch with the art of life, it looked like, than the struggle. What I ingemination about its momentary flash was a simple, lyrical, lighter way of being that people could become. People are more willing to start over, to make something better. already those who have a lot of loss, it’s not a feeling that is consistent the whole year. If something very heavy has happened and you’re having to rebuild, by October there’s a breakthrough, you stand on a new foundation, more in the present and feeling back out in the sun.

Rules to live by for a personally productive 2013:


Simplify some more.

Be willing to cut your losses.(You will then be choosing joy.)

Keep things simple in communications-it’s easy for everything to get very complicated this year.

Follow the urge to purge.

2013 surges with a forceful creative energy that can empower or decimate. It works wonders in the lives of people adept at handling strength and responsibility. On the other extreme, people who create confusion may get seriously off balance in the energy field of 2013.

No Rose-Colored Glasses: What doesn’t work really breaks, no question about it. The truth of any matter is in stark relief, like the Dustbowl showing farmers what being out of harmony with character causes.

Catch the Magic: 2013 is highly magical and magical types get into gear. If you stay focused on goals that inspire you, you’re on the magical wavelength of 2013. Finding what inspires you may only require a re-visioning of already existing structure or a reinterpretation of your role.

Collective Magic Making: Grassroots coalitions of people form deeper ties. More individual networks connect… a deeper community and grassroots system is forming. So many people in different areas want peace and progress… a strength is attained as their numbers grow.

strength Moves: In many places, strength changes hands in forceful, clear ways. Conflict, violence, and fighting is nevertheless going on. Freedom movements gain strength and there are many displays of courage.

The U.S. Economy: Something is put behind us, it’s a fresh start, rules are being worked on that are fairer. (Written December 21st, 2012, probably the fiscal cliff and debt ceiling.) Energy is a big topic and there’s a big energy discovery.

Spiritual Development and Personal Growth: 2013 brings out the strength in people to manage the harder parts of their own self, to integrate and accept-there’s greater truth. There will be new therapies and new kinds of relationships. The strings loosen that bind love and all its permutations.

Far Out: More people have experiences with angels. More people feel in direct communication with alien (outer space) beings.

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