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L oreal Majirel Creme Color SKS14069

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What it’s: Majirel’s colours provide you with most sturdiness and really intense thorough colours. Thanks to the countless quantity of colours, you all the time discover the colour that fits your persona. Majirel provides 100% grey protection and all the time creates a pure, glowing hair shade for every hair kind!What it does: Suitable for every hair kind For half colours or complete hair coloration 100% grey cowl Illumination to three shade heights Deep high and intense colours Enhances your hair with the Ion&eacute ne and Incell know-how Durable, long-lasting oxidation coloration Product Options Available are as follows: 9,0 / Hi.Cover Very Light Blonde 4,0 / Hi.Cover Brown 9 / Very Light Blonde 9 / Very Light Blonde 8 / Light Blonde 7 / Blonde 6 / Dark Blonde 5 / Light Brown 4 / Brown 1/1N lor147-3-3n 6,32/6GV 4/4N C4,55/4RvRv 6,03/6NG 7,03/7NG 4,3/4G 4,35/4GRv 8,07/8NGr 5/5N 5,1/5B 7,014/7NBC 6,014/6NBC 7,041/7NCB 5,041/5NCB 5,3/5G 6,025/6NVRv 5,025/5NVRv 7,045/7NCV 7,12/7BV 9,21/9VB 9,12/9BV 8,12/8BV 6,0/6NN 7,0/7NN 8,0/8NN 6,13/6BG 5,64/5RC 5,07/5NGr 6/6N 6,01/6Nb 6,1/6B 6,23/6vg 6,3/6g 6,34/6gc 6,35/6grv 6,6/6r 6,62/6rv 6,07/6ngr 7/7n 7,01/7nb 7,1/7b 7,13/7bg 5,015/5nbrv 7,015/7nbrv 7,035/7ngrv 5,023/5nvg 7,23/7vg 7,3/7g 7,31/7gb 7,35/7grv 7,4/7c 7,43/7cg 5,18/5bm 7,18/7bm 4,8/4m 5,8/5m 9,23/9vg 5,35/3grv 5,5/5rv 5,6/5r 4,45/4crv 6,45/6crv 6,46/6cr 5,32/5gv 8/8n 8,01/8nb 6,8/6m 7,8/7m 8,1/8b 8,8/8m 8,13/8bg 8,3/8g 8,30/8ggg 8,34/8gc 8,43/8cg 9/9n 9,01/9nb 9,1/9b 9,13/9bg 9,22/9vv 9,3/9g 9,31/9gb 10/10n 10,01/10nb 10,21/10vb 5,4/5C

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