Portable Diesel Generator Advantages and Disadvantages

Are you thinking of getting a portable diesel generator? The first thing you should be asking is what’s in it for you? What can diesel and a diesel engine provide you that cannot be provided by propane or gas? At the same time, why do other people not prefer to have generators that run on diesel? Here are answers to these questions in addition as other possible advantages and disadvantages to portable diesel generators.

* One of the top advantages of diesel engines is fuel efficiency. Generators with diesel consume less fuel than those that run on gas. Some diesel generators consume only half their fuel load when functioning in the same capacity as other generator types. This is why diesel generators are perfect for supplying non-stop strength. They can consequently be relied upon to regularly strength refrigerators, computers and already home medical equipment.

* A portable diesel generator is sturdier than its counterparts. It can run for a total of more than 2000-3000 hours before you have to seriously consider major maintenance work. You can easily see proof of diesel engine sturdiness just by looking at other equipment that runs on diesel. Heavy duty vehicles for example last longer than smaller ones used for transportation because they run on diesel.

* Regular maintenance is not a problem. This is because there are no spark plugs to continue. You only have to remember to regularly change the oil and clean your unit from as often as the product manual tells you to.

* A diesel generator is perfect for rough ground and rough work. These generators are many times more reliable in tough environments than gas units. This makes diesel generators just right for off site construction work and outdoor activities.

* You’ll hardly have a problem with your fuel source with a portable diesel generator. Diesel is obtainable in great quantities almost anywhere. Just as long as a gas stop is around, you are sure to find some diesel supply.

* Diesel can be safely used in most instances. It is less flammable than other fuel supplies. Diesel generators also do not have spark plugs, which further lessens the chances of freak fires. You get moment protection for both your character and your generator unit.

On the flip side, diesel generators also have a associate of disadvantages. Here are some negative points to consider:

* A portable diesel generator can be a little expensive compared to other generator types. You may initially have to use a lot just to get a small generator. Then again, you may ultimately save more since these units last long.

* Older cheaper diesel generators cause quite a bit of noise. This can be a big disadvantage if you live around a well-populated neighborhood.

* Diesel generators may contain larger and heavier parts and tanks. It may be inconvenient for you to lug a portable unit that almost feels like a stand by unit.

* In a lot of places, diesel is truly considered a major pollutant.

Getting a portable diesel generator may or may not be a good idea for you. Be sure that you take a look at both sides of the coin before you get yourself a diesel unit.

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