Portable Air Conditioners For Small Rooms – What Are the Benefits?

If you don’t have a central air conditioning system at your home, it doesn’t average you have to suffer from summer heat. You can use mobile portable air conditioner instead. There are many advantages to using a portable cooling system, especially if your room is small.

Advantages of mobile air conditioner

Portable units are great for people who work from home. already if you have a central cooling system, it will not be energy efficient to switch it on, if you use most of the day in your home office. A window unit would work there, of course, but if you don’t have one in addition consider the cost of installation. Mobile air conditioning unit cost pretty much the same as a window one, but there are no installation fees.

Also as the name indicates the portable cooling system could be moved around, which method that you can use it in the study during the day and in the bedroom at night. And while cooking dinner, it can be easily moved to the kitchen.

Another advantage is that since a portable unit doesn’t need to be installed by a specialized you can buy it and use it as soon as it is delivered.

And the biggest assistance of a portable air conditioner is its energy efficiency, it can really save you a lot. When compared to divided systems or central units, it might seem that portable cooling systems are less efficient. But because of its mobility, you can move your unit closer to where you sit, instead of cooling the whole house. And that gives you great savings.

Disadvantages of portable air cooling systems

The biggest draw back is the noise. Compare to divided and central systems portable machines a bit noisy. When looking for a particular form, check its noise rating, as some units are quieter than others. If the noise is an issue for you, visit a associate appliances stores and try it for yourself. They often have some units on characterize that are connected.

Another thing is that already though a portable unit doesn’t need any installation it has to stand not too far from the door or window because it has an exhaust house to go outside.

Cooling capacity of portable air conditioners

As already mentioned mobile air conditioners are best for small rooms, however different models have different capacities. For a 16 square meters room an 8000 BTU unit is enough, if your room is bigger go for a 1000 BTU one. It also makes sense to invest into a machine with slightly bigger capacity than you need just in case. Then you can simply use it on lower settings.

There are may brands of portable and mobile air conditioners such as Carrier, Mannix, Daikin, Hitachi and LG. Before you settle for a particular brand and form, read reviews for this unit online.

A mobile air conditioning system could be great if you use your day working at home or simply do not have a central system in your place. It is inexpensive, functional and energy efficient.

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