Peek at Future Roles of the Mentalist Cast

Peek at Future Roles of the Mentalist Cast

The new drama series, The Mentalist, gives viewers another reason to stay at home and follow the quest of Patrick Jane for the serial killer who murdered his wife and daughter five years back. The storyline is very interesting, and is expected to hook audiences, eager for the next episodes while nevertheless viewing the current one. Clearly, it would take no psychic abilities that more can be expected from the television series. The success of this show no doubt affects the cast involved. Most probably, when the future titles are released as movies, it would be entertaining to see the cast of this show we have bee so accustomed to seeing solving crimes playing different roles. Now let us take a look at what projects on-going or to be released that include most of the Mentalist cast.

Simon baker, rule character as Patrick Jane, is best remembered for his portrayal of a calculating corporate lawyer sentenced to offer legal work for a child, seen in the T.V. drama, “The Guardian.” Baker is up for rule roles in two independent movies, “The Lodger” and “Not Forgotten.” In “The Lodger,” Simon takes the role with stars Hope Davis, Philip Baker Hall and Alfred Molina. Based on Alfred Hitchcock’s 1927 thriller, the film follows the story of a associate who rents a room to a mysterious man, the lodger, while murders in the neighborhood add up. “Not Forgotten” is a psychological thriller where Simon plays a bank manager who consults a soothsayer to discover what happened to his dead daughter, only for him and his wife to separate things hidden by the past.

Robin Tunney plays Teresa Lisbon, the Senior Agent heading the unit where Patrick Jane belongs. Tunney played a woman who inherited great witch powers in “The Craft.” Television appearances that recently people saw her in include an episode in “House, MD” and “Prison Break.” She played in a recent movie, “August” and has a role in the upcoming “The Burning Plain.” With writing and directing from Guillermo Arriaga, this 2009 release film talks about weaving together many parts of a story, dwelling on the intense stories of love and passion that take place in almost anywhere, with characters seeking love, forgiveness and redemption.

Amanda Righetti plays Grace Van Pelt, one of the Mentalist cast most viewed because she was after all a regular in the teen drama “The OC,” not to mention appearing on the November 2005 issue of FHM magazine. Amanda takes the female rule role in the reboot of Friday the 13th to be released on February 2009.

Taking the ratings and the public opinion as indicators, the series is sure to run for years to come. And consequently, the Mentalist cast has a lot to look forward too. It is usual that actors’ careers are boosted by a hit television drama or series and gives them access to other aspects of the industry such as talk shows and movies. And with the great performance they have been giving us, they all deserve the benefits of having a great series.

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