Pastor Bugingo attacks Male Mabirizi, calls lawyer a ‘pig’

House of Prayer Ministries International (HPMI)’s Pastor Aloysius Bugingo has attacked lawyer Male Mabirizi for dragging him to court over his marriage with lover Susan Makula Nantaba.

During his lunch hour fellowship service on Wednesday, Bugingo said Mabirizi is a’ pig’ which wants spoilt things only.

He said God cannot forsake him (His Pastor) and then side with a useless person like Mabirizi.

“Some people are loitering around, I hear Mabiizi.. They are pigs. How can God side with Mabiizi and leave Bugingo who speaks with the sick, the blind?It can’t be. The Mabiizi said that I will be sentenced to 35 years in prison… ” Bugingo told his followers who cheered him with wild jubilations.

The development comes at a time when Bugingo and Susan are being charged over illegal marriage.

The Entebbe Court Chief Magistrates Her Worship Stella Okwang Pacular on 20th December, 2021 charged Bugingo and Susan with three counts under the Marriage Act and summoned the associate for plea taking on 21st January,2022.

On 7th December this year, the House of Prayer Ministries rule preacher was introduced by Susan in a customary marriage ceremony that was held in Katabi, Entebbe Municipality.

Just a day after their Kwanjula, controversial city lawyer Mabirizi dragged Bugingo and Susan to court for breaching customary marriage norms of Uganda.

In a lawsuit filed by Mabirizi, he said that the associate violated the Customary Marriage Law which prohibits married people from remarrying before divorce.

After being summoned to Court, Pastor Bugingo came out to deny ever being introduced as new husband to longtime lover Susan.

“My visit to Susan Makula’s home was just a casual visit and not traditional marriage ceremony,” Bugingo said as quoted by New Vision newspaper.

Namirembe Christian Fellowship (NCF) founder Pastor Simeon Kayiwa on Tuesday also said pastor Bugingo’s visit to Susan Makula’s family early this month was not an introduction ceremony but rather a get together party.

Pastor Kayiwa, during an interview with UBC TV, said he escorted his colleague Bugingo to Susan’s family to pray for them and short of that there was no big deal.

“I escorted my colleague Pastor Bugingo to Susan’s family to pray for them. Every person is prayed for already if he/she is condemned and about to die. I went to pray and bless the family of those who invited me,” Pastor Kayiwa openly said despite the availability of all the implicating evidence on both the mainstream and social media showing Bugingo being introduced (kwanjula) to Susan’s parents as their daughter’s husband.

” I was not among the entourage, I just went to pray for people. About the dress code, they requested us to put on that way. The dress code attire was for free and everyone was putting it on so I also decided to follow suit. I didn’t want to be the strange man out.”

The Kayiwa International University proprietor also disclosed that he had to escort Bugingo to his ‘get together’ event because he is his good friend.

“Bugingo is my student, he studies from my University, he is also a pastor and most importantly he is my good friend. How could he invite me for a function and I refuse to honor it? He was also invited for the event…. It was a get together, it was a general get together of people in Bugingo’s life.”

In 2019, Bugingo officially hypothesizedv to Susan.

The pastor made the bold move during his Annual Independence prayer night at Namboole Stadium.

Earlier on, Bugingo had told his followers that he had to marry Susan whether Ugandans like it or not as he scoffed at those who thought that he would reconcile with his embattled wife Teddy Naluswa Bugingo saying it was high time they stopped dreaming.

Susan is an employee at Salt Radio and TV and the associate started dating way back in 2016.

In May 2019, Bugingo and Teddy’s love story turned sour when the former publicly exposed the latter whom he accused of wanting to kill him.

He also accused her of conspiring to steal his Church land citing them as some of the reasons why he can no longer stay with her consequently demanding for divorce.

Teddy denied the allegations and opposed the divorce appeal stating church marriage is meant to last for forever and that her husband had no valid issues as to why he was divorcing her.

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