Partition Corruption on Upgrading to Windows XP

An upgrade to a later version of Windows leads to better computer performance and stability. However, experts suggest that whenever you upgrade your Windows computer, always backup your important data. The reason is that if the upgrade is interrupted or error is experienced, it may affect your hard disk partition and already rule to its inaccessibility. Data once lost can be re-accessed by restoring it from backup or using some Partition Recovery techniques.

The above statements will be more clear with the scenario discussed herewith for Windows XP. One of the Windows XP users upgrades his computer to a later version. The upgrade course of action completes and after this, when the user tries to start the computer, he/she observes that a particular hard disk partition, on which the operating system was installed, is not easy to reach. User cannot access the system partition, i.e. the partition. consequently, access to the computer and its data is not possible.


One of the main causes for the above behavior to characterize is that system partition has got corrupted. This can occur if the partition table get errors because of Windows XP upgrade.

Another reason for the same issue can be BIOS-related: either you are using an incompatible BIOS or hard disk is not correctly configured in CMOS steup.


The recovery tips for the described issue are:

You can try updating the computer BIOS and check if this can permit your system partition to be detected

Also, you should check if hard disk has been properly configured within CMOS setup. Depending on your BIOS kind, you can try changing the access mode of hard disk excursion to ‘LBA’ or ‘Large’. If the partition is nevertheless far away, you need to delete and then recreate the corrupted partition.

After recreating the partition, you need to restore lost data from backup. But if you do not have any appropriate backup in place, use a third-party utility to retrieve Windows Partition. Easy to function Partition Recovery software have a high graphical interface and consequently make Windows data recovery an easy job.

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