OWI in Wisconsin

OWI in Wisconsin

According to a recent government report, Wisconsin is the worst state in the country when it comes to drunk driving rate. The government report indicates that 15 percent of all adult drivers throughout the United States have reported driving drunk in the past year.

Wisconsin drunk driving rate is an incredible 25 percent of all adult drivers within the past year according to this government report. The worst five states for drunk driving within in the past year are North Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota and South Dakota.

Utah had the lowest incidence of drunken driving where fewer than 10 percent of adult motorists reported driving under the influence. However, Utah has a high Mormon population that does not drink alcohol. The next lowest four states, West Virginia, Arkansas, Kentucky and North Carolina all had rates of drivers who were drunk of less than 11 percent for the prior year.

Over the past several years, Wisconsin has enacted harsh drinking and driving laws. In Wisconsin, drunk driving is officially known as Operating While Intoxicated (OWI). If a person has two or more OWI violations after January 1, 1989, the OWI violations will say on the driver’s long-lasting record. If a person has one OWI violation within ten years, and then obtains a later OWI offense outside that 10 year period, the later OWI will be considered a first offense.

An experienced Wisconsin OWI Attorney may be able to challenge portions of OWI. In addition, by filing appropriate motions, your Wisconsin OWI Attorney may able to have the criminal case dismissed or reduced from an OWI depending upon the facts of your OWI arrest. It is highly recommended that you hire an attorney that is familiar with OWIs in the county where you were charged. The Wisconsin OWI Lawyer will be very familiar with the local prosecutors and the judges and should acquire the best results.

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