Online Training Used to Increase Airport Security

After 9/11 US airports were faced with implementing increased security measures mandated by the FAA and TSA. One such mandate stated that anyone who works in an airport beyond the security checkpoint is required to take one hour of security training yearly. This dramatically increased the burden on airport training staffs. In some situations larger airports were now required to provide security training to as many as 30,000 people per year!

Most airports used instructor rule classroom training, while some used a 45 minute video. Paper-based testing and training records were maintained in order to be in compliance with federal law. In many situations logistics became a nightmare as there were not enough instructors or classroom space to manager the quantity of people who need to be trained. The cost to add space and instructors was already greater. Most importantly, manual testing, tracking and reporting methods were inefficient and inaccurate, costing the airports hundreds of thousands in fines.

One solution for many airports was to implement a fully integrated e-learning system to schedule, track, test and report electronically on an enterprise system which is fully integrated with their airport badging system. Highly customized courseware integrates audio, video, graphics and animations to provide end users with engaging airport-specific content, improving the chances that they will meet the mandatory 100% compliance standards. The complete system is delivered online and managed by a single airport proxy, eliminating costly classroom instructors and the need for additional space. Most importantly, the airports that have implemented an on-line training system have fewer fines due to higher compliance.

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