Offshore Banking in Vanuatu

Offshore Banking in Vanuatu

If secrecy is important to you or your company, consider opening an account in Vanuatu, the island nation located in the South Pacific, 1090 miles east of Norther Australia, 310 mi north-east of New Caledonia, west of Fiji, and southeast of the Solomon Islands, near New Guinea.   It covers  5,697 square miles of land and, its capital city is located in Port-Vila. 

As an offshore tax haven, Vanuatu shares no information about its investors and their accounts  with law enforcement agencies outside of the country. With no income tax, zero withholding taxes, no tax on capital gains or inheritances, and no exchange controls to speak of, Vanuatu is a highly attractive offshore banking destination. For this very reason many companies have chosen to incorporate here to avoid undue regulation and legal challenges from authorities.

With the complete absence of these taxes or controls, this island nation is becoming well known as a Pure Tax Haven, both for non residents and residents alike. Add to the mix an up to date and state of the art banking system and communication infrastructure, many a foreign investor has set up a base of operations here and made Vanuatu their central location for surplus investment funds or offshore companies. The final aspect that makes this nation so special in the eyes of investors is the extremely active role the government takes in protecting the rights of its investors. All these aspects together make this nation the foremost tax haven in all the Pacific.

Making a business transaction here is easy as English is the major language of commerce, next is French, and the native language Bislama. The majority of the nations GDP comes from small agriculture and not necessarily from offshore investors. It is a booming tourist destination with over 200,000 visitors a year.

Fiercely independent, Vanuatu is governed as a democratic republic. When looking into offshore banking and choosing an offshore tax haven an individual or corporation wants to take into account just how secret and private their information will keep in the event of investigation or governmental pressure. Truly this is one aspect that makes the island nation shine above all the others as it shares absolutely no account information with outside supplies and fiercely guards their privacy and independence.

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