New Features in SQL Server 2005

(1) Reporting sets: – In SQL Server Reporting sets increase there assistance to customers. These include centralized report storage and management, control over how reports are processed or administered, and also have ability to fastest changing reports formats (HTML, Excel, PDF, etc.). This complete capabilities make reporting sets is valuable. So Web-based reporting has ability to make up-to-date information obtainable to a distributed group of users. Reporting sets provides a impressive way to find and view reports, the Reporting sets interface may not be the most appropriate one for all report users.

(2) Partitioned Tables and Indexes: – Sql Server 2005 has ability to partition tables and indexes have always been a design to enhance performance and manageability in larger databases. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 has many new features that simplify the design of using this characterize.

(3) Xml Web sets: – SQL Server 2005 provides a standard method for getting the database engine by using SOAP via HTTP. With the help of this methods, we can send SOAP/HTTP requests to SQL Server to execute stored procedures, extended stored procedures, T-SQL batch statements and scalar-valued user-defined roles which can have with or without parameters .When we use SQL Server as a Web Service that can for HTTP SOAP requests requires must create an HTTP endpoint and defining the methods that the endpoint exposes. When we create HTTP endpoint, that endpoint must be produced with a rare URL that we uses to listen for incoming HTTP requests.

(4) Database Mirroring: – Database mirroring provides solution to provide high availability at the database level where all things depends upon the database. In Sql Server we can maintained synchronized copies of a database on two separate servers allows switching between them. And its plays its role on failure of dominant server.

(5) CLR Integration: – Microsoft SQL Server 2005 has adopt the database programming form hosting by the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 shared Language Runtime (CLR). .Net CLR hosted inside SQL Server to enhance performance, security and reliability. This helps developers to write procedures, triggers, and roles in any of the CLR languages.

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